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See Who Is In The Kitchen..AYODELE omo FAYOSE
Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday stormed Yenagoa to lend his support to the aspiration of Bayelsa State Governor Seriake Dickson to go for a second term in office, even as he advised the youth not to be carried away by lies of politicians but to assess what those aspiring for elective offices have done in the past.

This is coming as the Timipre Sylva Campaign Organisation has condemned as disheartening the advice by Governor Dickson that the people should tie up uniformed personnel if the people think they are doing wrong things. Sylva is the All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate for the election coming up on Saturday, December 5.

Jonathan said most politicians are men of many words and as a result tell many lies to woo voters. He stated this during the presentation of Peoples Democratic Party flag to Governor Dickson at a grand finale of Dickson campaign in Yenagoa, state capital, yesterday.

The sports complex was filled to capacity as party chieftains, former President Goodluck Jonathan, Chairman of PDP Governors’ Forum and Governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, National Chairman of the PDP, Chief Uche Secondus and the Deputy Governor of Ebonyi state graced the occasion.

Jonathan said a vote for Dickson in next Saturday’s poll is a vote for liberation, development, security and peace, stressing that the PDP remained the party for the people.

“So, for the Bayelsa young people, do not be carried away by politicians. Politicians are people of many words, they go to so many places, talking to so many people, telling so many lies.

On his part, Dickson told the opposition party that there was no vacancy in Bayelsa. He expressed confidence that he would win the forthcoming election by 99 per cent, saying that his main rival, Sylva of the APC should celebrate if he is able to win his ward in Okpoama, Brass during the poll.

But in reaction to the PDP rally, the APC in a statement by the director of publicity of the Sylva campaign Organisation, Chief Nathan Egba posited that “virtually all the speakers at the rally were exhibiting signs of panic in realisation of impending defeat as they kept on making unfounded allegations against Sylva and the APC in a bid to whip up voters sentiment against him.”

Egba lamented that Dickson’s call for the attack on security operatives is the height of desperation, and that this effort to encourage the breakdown of law and order should be noted by the security services.
Britain's Tyson Fury has vowed to be "the most charismatic champion since Muhammad Ali" after delivering on his promise to dethrone Wladimir Klitschko and become the new world heavyweight champion.
"I always said what I would do and I delivered. I didn't have this confidence for nothing," beamed Fury, 27, after his unanimous points win ended Klitschko's run of 19 consecutive defences.
Fury was awarded the fight in Duesseldorf 115-112, 115-112 and 116-111 by the judges on Sunday (AEDT) as Klitschko's reign as world champion was ended after nine years, six months.
He's been a great champion, but every good dog has its day. This is that start of a new era. I'll be the most charismatic champion since Muhammad Ali.
World heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury
Fury took Klitschko's World Boxing Association (WBA), International Boxing Federation (IBF), International Boxing Organisation (IBO) and World Boxing Organisation (WBO) belts as the Ukrainian suffered his first defeat since 2004.
"People can say what they want about me, he was hanging on for dear life in that fight all the way through," Fury said.
"He's been a great champion, but every good dog has its day.
"This is that start of a new era. I'll be the most charismatic champion since Muhammad Ali."
The new champion celebrate his victory by singing Aerosmith's Don't Want to Miss a Thing in the ring.
"I want to thank my lord and saviour Jesus Christ for giving me this victory," said a tearful Fury who has now won all 25 of his professional fights.
"I have worked hard everyday for this moment - it's a dream come true."
Klitschko said there is a rematch clause in the fight contract, adding it was too soon to talk about retirement and admitted he was surprised by Fury's speed despite his towering 2.06m frame.
"I prepared well, but my speed was missing tonight and I didn't expect the speed from him," said Klitschko, who turns 40 in May.
"I knew I needed a knock-out at the end," he added after his fourth professional defeat.
Fury will cash in on the victory regardless of the fight purse having bet 200,000 pounds ($417,910) on himself.
He made good on his pre-fight predictions of dethroning Klitschko and even took to song last Wednesday to tell the champion how he would "be the one with all the belts" after the bout.
The fight took place at the second attempt as the original October date had to be scrapped after Klitschko suffered a calf injury.
Fury had made the headlines in September at a press conference for the original scheduled fight when he turned up dressed in full superhero costume as Batman.
Another man entered the press conference dressed as the Joker and shouted at Fury, who then leaped over the conference table and tackled the Joker.
The two men wrestled on the ground before Fury "won" - he then called out Klitschko, saying the Ukrainian would end up on his back the same way as the unknown intruder.
After Fury had problems with ill-fitting gloves in the week leading up to the fight, there was plenty of tension in the build-up to the fight.
Fury's management insisted the canvas was too soft and after much discussion and threats to call the fight off, Klitschko's camp relented and removed some of the foam padding from the ring floor.
Then Klitschko was reported to have had his fists wrapped without an observer being present, a no-no in boxing, and when Fury's camp complained, the champion's fists were re-strapped which briefly delayed the start of the fight.
This was a poor display by Klitschko who finished with cuts to both cheeks with Fury unmarked.
The Briton showed no sign of nerves in a confident start, lowering his guard and trying to lure Klitschko inside his huge reach.
There was little between the fighters in the opening four rounds, as Klitschko struggled to impose himself, while Fury opened up a small cut on the champion's left cheek in the fifth with a jab.
Fury kept skipping around Klitschko, teasing his man and made a point of staring out the champion at the end of the sixth round and was landing more punches than the Ukrainian.
The fight burst into life in the seventh round in a flurry of punches from Fury, who even put his fists behind his back at one stage, which left Klitschko's cheek showing more signs of punishment and in clear trouble.
A big left from Fury caught Klitschko flush in the face in the ninth round before the champion finally got his right-hand jab going as he went on the attack and landed a shot directly on Fury's chin.
Fury, who landed a good shot to the right eyebrow, had a point deducted in the 11th for punching the back of Klitschko's head despite several warnings.
Klitschko came out hard in the 12th and looked for the knock-out as Fury visibly tired, but both raised their fists in triumph at the final bell
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• Lagos Police Commissioner sends Area Commanders, DPOs after traffic robbers, erring drivers!
• When the media stormed Next Movie Star house
• Buhari must prove he is serious about his anti-corruption campaign — Rep. Pondi
• My philanthropy, not motivated by politics –Prince Obi Orizu, Crown Prince of Nnewi Kingdom
• LASU stalemate: Fate of over 3,800 LASU students hangs in the balance
• Aregbesola laments paltry federal allocation
• ‘No guyman’ will be Bayelsa governor again –Dickson
• Bayelsa election: Ateke dissociates self from MEND’s endorsement of Dickson
• No regrets dumping PDP –Gen Airhiavbere (retd)
• Dumping confab report will only postpone the doomsday –Archbishop Joseph Ojo
• Enugu residents hail Ugwuanyi
Read the full letter written by the publisher of Ovation Magazine to President Muhammadu Buhari

“Your Excellency, it’s been months since I wrote my desperate memo to you. I wish to thank you once more for reacting promptly and swiftly at that time and for giving me the honour and privilege of meeting you in your office. I remember presenting you a special compilation of my articles, especially the many admonitions to your immediate predecessor, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
After handing over the book to you, Sir, I promised to continue acting in my self-appointed capacity as Special Adviser because of the need to tell you what those very close to you might not be able to say. They might be afraid of you and your reaction.
The truth is you are a plain and simple man imbued with a mission and a passion to save this great country but you cannot do it on your own. You can only do it if people close to you, who should be advising you, tell you as it is so that you can do that which you were elected to do.
Sir, it is on the above basis that I’m back today for reasons some of which you probably know already from your own personal observations and readings. But before I go further, kindly permit me to set some records straight before some conspiracy specialists step forward to ascribe other people’s opinion to me. I shall clearly expose my personal views and state where I belong or stand for any avoidance of doubt. Everywhere I go people refer to me as Buhari’s man and ask “what’s your Baba doing ooo?”. I seriously have no problem with that. I’m proud that I joined so many other Nigerians as well as foreign friends in supporting a man of impeccable pedigree and solid integrity. No matter your view of President Muhammadu Buhari, one thing his bitterest enemies give to him is the fact that he is way above the level of most mortals in matters of uprightness.
This is why many of us volunteered to scream your name to high heavens and we were ready to follow you to Golgotha. Many of your opponents have not gotten over the thrashing you gave them and would forever seek everything and anything to smear you with. It is therefore not surprising that there has been so much noise about what you’ve done or left undone. Whether they are right or wrong in their assessment, I feel it is right and proper to let you know what people are saying about you including your most ardent fans and supporters. Sir, please, let’s not dismiss them as mere rabble-rousers. A groundswell of public opinion can easily metamorphose into an ocean of disenchantment and cataclysmic confusion. In short, I believe your enemies are skilfully setting you up for failure in order to be able to taunt your supporters later by saying we “we told you so!” In this regard it is pertinent to always bear in mind the Yoruba saying ‘ehin kunle l’ota wa, ile ni a se ni ngbe’! Loosely translated it means “the enemy lurk outside in the backyard but your foe resides inside your house.”
What is the matter this time? Many Nigerians are lamenting that the change you promised them is fast becoming a mirage. It is certainly not what they are seeing right now. They insist that your style and methodology appear too slow for a nation in dire straits and in need of urgent and miraculous deliverance. They are not happy that you are no longer the prudent man they used to know. They think you’ve already capitulated by frolicking with members of the bourgeois class and junketing around the world while Nigeria burns like Dante’s inferno. They are miffed that you are still keeping the Presidential fleet when you are supposed to have sold most of them off, if not all. They are worried that the mandate of four years they gave you is being unwittingly frittered away and before you know it all the goodwill you garnered would have evaporated and vamoosed. Time, they say, waits for no man!
The economy and the free fall of the Naira have become worrisome. There are all manner of rumours that may make matters worse, if true, about the current state and status of our banks. Though the Central Bank of Nigeria has come out forcefully to dispel the dangerous rumours, they want you to unleash your economic master-plan as soon as possible, so that what was once a baseless rumour does not somehow become harsh reality. They are expecting a blue-print that would guarantee a farewell to poverty. On this I agree with the opinion that something drastic has to be conjured up to arrest this drift to perdition. Nothing amplifies this monumental tragedy than the debit card fiasco which stipulates that Nigerians cannot live in a civilised world by walking into any international hotel or shop of their choice and paying with their cards. This is terribly depressing.
What this means in plain terms is that Nigerians must patronise the black market and run the risk of carrying cash recklessly whenever they travel abroad. It makes a mockery of the cashless society that the CBN has fought so hard to put in place and jeopardises your fight against corruption because government officials who travel abroad must of necessity carry large sums of cash if they are not to be embarrassed or even disgraced. Sir, the most important thing is that this is not healthy at all. The last thing your Government should be telling the world is that we are so broke that we are on our knees. The world laughs at us and treats us with derision because we have resources other than crude oil which should make us one of the richest in the world if we properly harness them. We must stop giving the impression that we are so impoverished when it is leadership, brigandage and a lack of focus that has failed us.
The other matter that continues to embarrass Nigerians is the issue of Boko Haram. The matter is made worse by the fact that you are a retired army General who should know and have what it takes to drastically reduce if not exterminate the cankerworm. But rather the menace has exacerbated. It has snowballed into a seemingly unquenchable conflagration. I had argued repeatedly that the military alone cannot achieve this result. Intelligence seems to be the key word here. Also identifying and locating some of the cells and prominent sympathisers is crucial. Those who arrogantly and naively say that no form of negotiation should take place are very far from the theatre of war. They have probably not heard of a group called IRA, the Irish Republican Army, that terrorised Great Britain for God knows how many years. I and my directors at Ovation International were lucky to escape a massive explosion that shattered the peace and tranquillity of London Docklands when a bomb went off inside the South Quay light rail station which was next to our office at Beaufort Court. The battle of wits and the war of attrition had to be fought using the carrot and the stick approach. It was the carrot approach that eventually succeeded and the United Kingdom has now been rid of that hitherto interminable scourge for many years!
The Boko Haram issue has defied every effort made so far and it is time to expand the options for the sake of our fellow citizens in the heart of this conundrum. When over 200 girls vanished into thin air, we were so sure they would return very soon but that has remained an illusion. This should tell us that this issue is not a joke and that we need to keep all windows open. Sir, Nigerians want to see government show a different approach and better compassion than what we had in the past. They are waiting to see how you will do this with minimum collateral damage.
Sir, you have a herculean task ahead but it is not a mission impossible. Other nations are experiencing almost similar challenges and they are forging ahead. The first indicator to exhibit our seriousness is when we stop the business as usual syndrome and tighten the belts of government officials and politicians. If the idea is to continue along the path of profligacy then Nigeria is contagiously jinxed. The Republic of Tanzania has already taken the lead. I will publish a report that has already gone viral below this letter as a veritable example of what is possible.
I wish you well as always Sir.
INEC on Saturday indicated that it would not allow the APC to replace its late governorship candidate after Tuesday.
It was learnt in Abuja that the party had yet to notify INEC of any decision with respect to a replacement.
When contacted, INEC’s spokesman, Mr. Nick Dazang, said as of Saturday, the commission had not received communication from the APC concerning Audu’s replacement.
He said, “I have reached out to the Director of Political Party Monitoring, but as I am speaking to you we do not have any such communication (a name of the party’s choice). Don’t forget, the party has up till December 1 to submit a name.”
Late APC’s gubernatorial candidate at the last poll Prince Abubakar Audu’s running mate, Mr. James Faleke has rejected the party’s decision to pick Bello.
Faleke, in an interview on Saturday, faulted the decision of the APC to pick Bello as a replacement for Audu.
He also claimed that Mohammed Audu is one of his main backers in his quest to assume the office of governor of the state.
There have been calls by some political groups for Mohammed Audu to replace his father as the APC’s candidate for the December 5 supplementary election fixed by INEC.
On Thursday, Faleke, who is against the supplementary poll, had in separate letters to the INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, and the National Chairman of the APC, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, demanded to be declared as the governor-elect for the state.
The letters were written on his behalf by his lawyer, Wole Olanipekun (SAN).
Asked specifically whether or not he would support Mohammed to replace his father, Faleke expressed surprise that such an idea was muted in the first place.
He stated that Audu’s son could not replace his father because he (Faleke) and Mohammed were already working together on the demand that INEC should declare Faleke the governor-elect.
He also criticised his party’s decision for agreeing to be part of the upcoming supplementary election by choosing Bello “when the APC has already won clearly.”
Faleke spoke further, “Audu’s son is with me, so what are they talking about? You have also seen what the party did. What the party did and the clamour for my late boss’ son to succeed him are not in line with the law; so none of that will stand.
“And regarding my late boss’ son, we are working together. He is with me on this issue. I have given my final stance on this issue and there is no going back. INEC should declare me as the winner of the governorship election. That is where we stand.”
Also, Head of Media, Abubakar Audu/James Faleke Campaign Organisation, Dr. Tom Ohikere, warned the leadership of the APC not to take any action capable of plunging Kogi into crisis.
The News Agency of Nigeria reported that Ohikere, who gave the warning in Lokoja on Saturday, advised Odigie-Oyegun not to allow any selfish interest to ruin the party.
He also warned the APC leadership not to misrepresent the party as an Islamic organisation, saying the APC was founded for all Nigerians irrespective of tribe and religion.
He described the decision to replace Audu with Bello, who came second in the primary, as “illegal and moral burden” on Odigie-Oyegun and other members of the National Working Committee.
Ohikere also described the comments made by the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr. Abubakar Malami, on how to find replacement for the late Audu as “pure script reading.”
“I do not agree with the AGF on his position regarding the nomination of another candidate by the APC.
“I however agree that supplementary election can be conducted by INEC. Surprisingly, all these arguments seem to have overlooked the provisions of Section 187 (1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 as amended,’’ he said.
He said Faleke was an associate candidate in the governorship election and should be allowed constitutionally to become the party’s candidate.
“Faleke was not just a candidate of the APC in that election, but has acquired vested rights in the results declared to simply nominate a running mate who will conclude the process along with him,” he said.
Ohikere advised the Minister of Justice and the national leadership of the party to suspend their on going move to undermine the provisions of the law on selfish grounds for the sake of peace and unity of the state.