Still On Plateau Hospital Scandal :After Removing My Wife’s Kidney, He Kept Collecting Money From Me...Victim's Husband

One major story that has been trending for the past week is the pathetic story of Mrs Kehinde Kamaru, whose kidney was stolen by a fake ‘doctor’, Noah Kekere, popularly referred to as Dr Yellow at Murna Hospital and Maternity in Jos, Plateau State. The theft of one of the kidneys of the woman by Kekere, who is said to have trained as an economist, was carried out under the pretext of performing an appendicitis operation on her at the clinic. The husband of the victim, Mr Busari Kamaru, who is presently distraught over his wife’s health


Could you explain the circumstances that led to your wife’s present predicament?

My name is Busari Kamaru, a resident of Rikkos, near NDLEA here in Jos. On January 26, 2018, my wife complained of abdominal pain. I wanted to take her to a nearby hospital, but she said she preferred Murna Clinic and Maternity, a facility of Dr Noah Kekere, which is situated along Yanshanu and Nasarawa Gwom. We met him and he carried out a scan which he said revealed that the cause of the abdominal pain was appendicitis. He told us that my wife had to be operated on immediately to save her life. Initially, I did not agree with him, but since I was not a doctor, I had no choice but to allow him to carry out the operation. He charged us N160,000, but I told him that the fee was on the high side. He told me to go and make my findings at the Jos University Teaching Hospital and compare what they charged there with the bill he gave me. I was confused because my wife had never suffered such an ailment before. Along the way, I consented to the operation. I made an initial deposit of N80,000 and promised to pay the balance after the operation, which he agreed to. The doctor commenced the operation at about 12 p.m. and finished by 8 p.m.


Why did the operation last for so many hours?

Many people complained that day, including my wife’s sister, who kept calling every thirty minutes, wondering why an appendicitis operation was lasting so long. Before he started the operation, Dr Kekere mentioned that he was going to invite some doctors from the Jos University Teaching Hospital to join in the operation which he claimed was going to be a serious one. I knew him through my mother, because that was where she used to go whenever she was sick. My wife was discharged five days after the operation, but four months later, she couldn’t stand properly again. We brought the situation to the doctor’s attention and he told her to be drinking water from time to time. Throughout that period, I bought cartons of water. My wife had since frequented his hospital for stomach ache and we kept paying for scans, injections and drugs until last year. The last time my wife went to the hospital, I was so disturbed that I asked him to be frank with me if he made a mistake during the operation. I threatened that if my wife complained again, I would not allow him to continue with her treatment. About 15 minutes after our conversation, he called me and said that a fresh operation was required. I consented and said he should have told me this all along instead of allowing me to waste money. I told him that the operation could be performed after the schoolchildren’s holiday. I called my wife’s sister who resides in Lagos to inform her about the next operation. My sister-in-law was disturbed and confused. She suggested a general hospital for the second operation. I said the doctor should be allowed to carry out the second operation since he was the one who performed the first one. But my wife’s twin sister later called to say that her husband who lived abroad wanted to speak to me. We set up a video call during which he recommended some supplements we could buy. I was reluctant to buy the supplements, thinking that it would be better to go for the operation. But because of the severe pain she was passing through, I bought the supplements, and when she started to take them, we noticed some improvement in her situation. She kept using the drug until two weeks ago when she started complaining again. At this point, I made up my mind that she should go to Jos University Teaching Hospital. Later that day, after another scan, she called to tell me that those who did the scan claimed that one of her kidneys had been removed. I did not believe what she said until a doctor told me categorically that one of the kidneys had been removed. I was so devastated that I kept pacing up and down in the hospital, When, later, I calmed down, I called my friend, a security man, who advised me to inform the police of her predicament.

I went to the DPO of Nasarawa Gwom who invited Dr Kekere. He told the police that he recognised my wife and that he conducted an operation on her six years ago. He however lied that the operation lasted for just one hour. I interjected at this point and told him that the operation lasted for more than six hours. He cut her from the upper abdomen down. At this point, he said he couldn’t remember; that my wife was probably born with one kidney. The doctor at the general hospital further recommended a CT scan, which we all agreed to. He told all of us, including the police, to go to Fertile Group Hospital to do the scan. All of us, including the police, went there the following morning, where it was further confirmed that her kidney had been harvested. One of the nurses then confronted him and asked him why he did this to my wife. He immediately bowed his head remorsefully, but he didn’t say anything. The police asked the doctors at Fertile Ground if they were sure that my wife was not born with one kidney. They said no. They explained how the kidney was removed and Dr Kekere agreed with them. From there, we all returned to the police station at Nasarawa Gwom.

What happened next at the police station?

The DCO, who was the officer on the ground, told Dr Kekere to his face that it had been confirmed that he was responsible. He held me immediately, pleading that the Devil pushed him into the act. He pleaded for forgiveness. I told him that I could not make a decision on my own and I had to consult her family and my family as well. At this point, the DPO entered and referred the case to the state police headquarters. The DPO encouraged me not to compromise. He said they (the doctor and others) had approached him with a huge sum of money. My fear is that if I collected anything, the issue would come up one day. If my wife does not survive this and my children hear the story in the future, what will become of my relationship with them? In the course of my wife’s illness, some people called my wife’s relatives and claimed that I had used her for ritual.

What do you think caused them to make such a serious claim against you?

She became so lean that there were all manner of insinuations. She has lost so much weight despite the fact that she has been eating heavily. Nobody knew the cause of her ailment. My wife is such a contented, strong woman. Since I married her, she has been helpful and supportive of me. It was it was after the operation that I stopped her from washing and ironing my clothes.


What is your impression of ‘Dr’ Kekere?

It was in the office of the Commissioner of Police that everyone knew that the man was actually not a doctor. He mentioned some of the doctors who teamed up with him to carry out the operation. The Police Commissioner asked him the areas of specialisation of the doctors who assisted him in the operation, but it turned out that they were also not qualified to handle such an operation. The CP also asked about his own area of study, and he said he had his first and second degrees in Economics. Some police doctors were invited who confirmed through the scan that one of my wife’s kidneys had been removed. From there, he was taken to the CID.


What is your next line of action?

The police have started their investigation and have arrested his three accomplices. I just have to be patient and allow them to do their work.


But it was learnt that the man suddenly developed a mental ailment and is presently at the psychiatric section of the University of Jos Teaching Hospital receiving treatment…

(Cuts in) There is nothing wrong with his brain. The man is just feigning madness to cover his action. Everybody, including the doctors, knows that he is well and sound. I am calling on all relevant authorities to investigate and bring the man to justice. This man has treated me badly for the past six years. After removing my wife’s kidney, he kept collecting money from me for her treatment. Since this matter blew up, I have not been able to sleep. Before this incident, I didn’t struggle with sleep at all.


Have you found out why the doctor harvested her kidney?

I am not in a position to do that, but I believe the police will be able to do that.


What is the state of your wife’s health at the moment?

The doctors at the University of Jos Teaching Hospital prescribed some drugs which she has been taking. After some time, I intend to take her for proper medical treatment at the appropriate hospital.


How long has the hospital existed in the neighbourhood?

I learned that the hospital has closed shop. It has branches. The hospital has been in this neighbourhood for more than 20 years. My major concern is how to give my wife a better treatment to overcome this challenge. Her ailment has affected my business. It surprises me that humans can be this wicked.

Source: Tribune 


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