Friday, 5 May 2023

‘I Force My Victims To Sleep With Me Before Killing Them‘- Female Kidnapper Reveals

Three kidnappers were str!pped n@ked after an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap their victim using charms in Calabar.

The perpetrators were two men and a woman who were apprehended after the victim cried for aid while attempting to adopt her.

The event occurred at Calabar, the Cross River State capital, along the effio- ete intersection and towards Parliament.

While the victim was shouting for help, the criminals attempted to stab him and push him out of the car.

The only lady, who was alleged to be the gang leader, escaped but was eventually apprehended by an irate mob who gave her a hard chase.

The female kidnapper is a known kidnapper who does not spare her victims, especially if the ransom demanded is not paid.

The female suspect confessed to the crime and admitted that they are the kidnappers who had terrorised the town for a long time, but their luck ran out and they were captured.

She also stated that she used charms to enhance her criminal activities and forces her male victims to have sexual relations with her every night before killing them, particularly those who are unable to pay the demanded ransom.

The culprits were stripped naked and severely beaten before being burned to death.

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