Sunday, 19 March 2023

I Am A Full Blood Igbo Man , No Yoruba Link .. Abia LP Candidate, Anthony Chinasa-Abiola


The Labour Party candidate of Umuahia Central State Constituency in the Abia State House of Assembly,  Anthony Chinasa-Abiola, has debunked claims that he has Yoruba roots.

There have been several posts on social media that he is a Yoruba man because of the ‘Abiola’ attached to his name.

Speaking on Sunday, Chinasa stated that Abiola was a ‘guy name’.

Chinasa said, “I’m not a Yoruba man and I don’t have any mixed breed at all. I’m a typical Igbo man. 

But my opponent thinks they want to strike me with a Yoruba name and when it went viral, I began to enjoy it.”

He added, “The Yoruba in my name is a guy name”

I am a full fledged Igbo man , my parents are Igbo, none of them is even Yoruba he said

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