15th Convocation :Leadcity Has Become One Of The Most Preferred Private Universities In Nigeria ...VC Prof Adeyemo

Leadcity University Ibadan has become a destination of choice for most young students in Nigeria 

It also prides itself as a citadel for excellence , these were the words of the Vice Chancellor of Leadcity University Prof Kabiru Adeyemo at the 15th Convocation Ceremony of the University held at the weekend 

Our Achievements 

Being An Address Delivered by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Kabiru Aderemi Adeyemo, at the Congregation of the 15th Convocation Ceremony for the Award of First Degrees of Lead City University, Ibadan, on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December, 2022.


All praise to God

I begin this address by giving thanks and glory to the Almighty God who has made it possible for us to gather here today. The Only One who deserves all the honour and appreciation of mankind; and with whose permission all the activities that culminated in this monumental event are possible. 

I am delighted to welcome you all to the first day of the week long 15th convocation and graduation ceremonies of the Lead City University for 2022. The convocation ceremony marks the solemn and formal initiation of the University's graduands who have worked diligently and persistently to receive their hard-earned degrees; and to release them to the world to become transformational leaders and change agents.

I welcome the Chancellor of the University, Prof. Gabriel Ogunmola, and our indefatigable Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council, Prof. Jide Owoeye, he has been a great pillar and support to our university. His unwavering support inspiration has continuously provided exemplary leadership for which the University is most grateful. Our sincere prayer is that God will continue to grant you the sound health, long life and the wisdom to direct this institution and the wherewithal to expand the University to greater heights. The University’s image has continued to grow and it has become one of the most preferred Private Universities in Nigeria today. 

It is with utmost joy that I particularly welcome the graduands on this momentous achievement in your academic journey. I believe that you are now well-equipped to make innovative contributions toward solving the enormous socio-economic challenges that threaten the delicate fabrics of our society and nation, Nigeria.

Through this medium, I warmly welcome our guests and well-wishers to this great occasion and to congratulate especially the parents, guardians, friends and family, of our graduands, who have supported you and with the help of God made today possible.  They have come to share the joy of today with their children and wards. It is my prayer that today's joy will be permanent in your lives. We appreciate your support and commitment for the realization of the goals of today’s graduands. My heartfelt congratulations to you all.

Today, my joy is boundless in view of the successful completion of your programmes having individually applied yourself thoroughly to the intensive academic challenges. It is worthy of note that for various reasons which include, but not limited to insufficient academic performances, health challenges, character deficiencies or even death, it is not every one who started the race with you about many years ago, depending on your course of study, that is present here today. 

One would readily agree that you deserve to celebrate your success. The challenges you encountered in the course of your programme of studies cannot be overemphasized. It is heartwarming to note that in spite of these challenges, you have invariably been found worthy in character and learning, hence your graduation today.

We are grateful to the Almighty God for sparing our lives to witness yet another landmark in our match towards excellence. I am happy to inform this congregation that the University has witnessed tremendous progress in its teaching, research and community service. This has been a result of the remarkable team work among our academic, administrative, technical staff and students. I like to also use this platform to welcome my colleagues who have invested time and energy in sharpening the skills and research focus and ability of today’s graduands.

The Convocation Activities

The activities of the Convocation ceremonies kicked off with the Thanksgiving service at the Chapel of Peace and Joy and special convocation Jumat service at the University’s mosque.

We shall over the course of three days award first degrees to students graduating from the following Faculties: the breakdown is given below, 

Day 1: Faculties of Arts, Education, Communication and Information, Environmental Design and Management, Basic Medical & Health Sciences.

Day 2: Faculties of Management and Social Sciences, Law and Sciences

Day 3: Postgraduate College Honourary Awardees and Proclamation of Emeritus Professors

Progress Report during the Year

Lead City University over the years has been in the forefront of producing high quality human capital for the development of our great nation and the rest of the world. We are therefore happy to report our engagements and achievements during the year.

In pursuit of the expansion of the number of academic programmes, the university sought approval from the National Universities Commission to run new Postgraduate and Undergraduate academic programmes. In response to this, The National Universities Commission conducted a Resource Verification Assessment Visit to the proposed new programmes in early in the year. All our academic programmes have continued to enjoy accreditation year in year out. All the verified programmes which were due for verification and accreditation scale the hurdle. The last year has also seen the continued rapid expansion of the world class infrastructure and facilities across the University and the expansion of our academic programs through blended teaching and research. All academic programmes in the University are running smoothly to achieve the set learning goals as mapped out.

There has been a lot of improvement in the programmes mounted across the Faculties, programmes that were due for verification and accreditation by the National Universities Commission and it is heartwarming to say that they all got approved and accreditation. We are not resting on our oars, for a lot more can still be achieved.

Analysis of Staff:

The university had One thousand and seventy-five (1075) on its employment as at 30th Nov 2022. This comprised 346 academic staff Female is 152 and male is 194, 300 non- teaching staff and 429 other technical supporting staff. 

Recruitment of New Staff in the University

In the year under review, a total of fifty-seven (57) new teaching staff have joined the University. Among them were two (2) Associate Professors, eight (8) Senior Lecturers, seventeen (17) Lecturers on Lecturer I, twenty-four (24) Lecturers on Lecturer II and other lecturers from Graduate Assistants to Assistant Lecturers were also appointed into various Departments. A total of one hundred and thirty-three (133) other lecturers were contracted on adjunct (Part-Time) basis to support the existing full-time staff. 

In the Administrative and Technical Cadre, a total of forty-seven (47) new members of staff were appointed. In the same vein, a total of eleven (11) new staff were recruited for the University Hospital comprising six (6) new Medical Doctors, one (1) Nurse, one (1) Pharmacy Technician, two (2) Health Record Officers and one (1) Dental Technician. This is done to ensure that quality and adequate healthcare services are provided for staff and students by the employed healthcare providers.    

Staff Promotion/Welfare

The University remains committed to improving staff welfare and providing appropriate incentives to members of staff. The salary of staff is paid on 26th of every month and our salary scale is higher than what is applicable in Federal Universities in Nigeria.

 Thus, management ensured that Senate meetings and various Appointments and Promotions Committees held regularly. 

The promotion of teaching and non-teaching staff is a matter of priority in LCU. Several teaching and non- teaching of the university have been promoted. 

In a bid to motivate members of staff, some teaching and non-teaching staff received elevation to higher positions. In the academic cadre, 9 staff were to be elevated to the rank of Professor and 9 to the readership grade, three (3) members staff received elevation to higher positions from Lecturer I to Senior Lecturer cadre. 

Among them, one (1) Administrative Officer II got elevated to Administrative Officer I, one (1) Assistant Chief Nursing Officer got promoted to Chief Nursing Officer while two (2) Senior Nursing Officer I got promoted to Senior Nursing Officers. Also, one (1) Technologist II got elevated to Technologist I and two (2) Clinic Attendants got elevated to the position of Community Health Attendant and Senior Hospital Attendant respectively. Four (4) other members of staff also received fat salary increment.   

Staff Development and Capacity Training

On training and retraining of staff, the University places much importance on its workforce. Workshop and capacity development training was organized by the University for teaching and non-teaching staff.  In view of this, a total number of three hundred (300) members of staff which comprised both teaching and non-teaching staff were sponsored to various trainings, conferences, workshops and seminars both locally and internationally in the year under review. The University spent about fifty million (50, 000, 000) naira on local training and international training, seminar and conferences.

Please let us appreciate the Chairman of Governing Council for this great stride.

Staff Discipline

The University has zero tolerance to indiscipline and violators of her code of conducts and regulations governing conditions of services for staff and students are usually sanctioned as appropriate. To this end, in this year alone, four (4) members of staff had their appointments terminated for various offences bothering on misconduct and violation of the University’s rules and regulations. One (1) member of staff was dismissed from service for gross misconduct, while six (6) members of staff earned serious warning with two (2) of them given suspension from work without pay for one month each.

Student Matters

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the areas in which we have remained resolute and uncompromising is in the welfare of our students. We are convinced that a conducive environment was non-negotiable for the optimal performance of students. As the resources permitted, we have been renovating student hostels to make them conducive to good learning, and acceptable and habitable for students. We have continued to explore creative alternatives such as partnership with private hostel developers. In respect of honours and distinctions, it is heartwarming to report that many of our students, academic units and academic staff received numerous highly prestigious local and international awards during the reporting year.

We have maintained cordial and mutually respectful relationship with the students. I commend the Chairman of Council, Management and all our staff on this 

Information Technology

The university is committed to providing a robust IT Infrastructure (including campus wide internet and intranet coverage), improvement of the work environment and provision of appropriate framework and platform for innovative learning, seamless communication and information exchange and timely identification of skill level and gaps for training. 

LCU students are being provided access to ICT network services and facilities. The student network access comes with sessional internet bundle usable at any location on campus particularly in the Main and Faculty libraries which were recently strengthen with wireless access point and hotspot. To accommodate this, the bandwidth has been increased.

There is continuing collaboration with the industry in order to assist students in acquiring ICT, professional development, qualification and job opportunities whilst still in the University.


We have invested heavily on resources in our Faculties, Departments and Directorate Unit for quality teaching and production of quality researchers, by building a time-tested academic culture and tradition which we have continued to maintain and improve upon over the years.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In line with the visions and mission of Lead City University, Ibadan, we established the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovation as a dedicated centre focusing on promoting entrepreneurship among its students, members of staff, alumni and society. The Centre aims to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and support students to set up profitable business ventures along their chosen professions before graduation. It provides students with skills such as innovative thinking, business creativity, SME financing, business planning, proposal writing, risk-taking abilities and business management skills required to develop new ventures and start-ups. The centre develops the students’ entrepreneurial skills and competence to adequately prepare them to be innovative in job creation and self reliance. 

Campus Security

Security remains a global challenge over which the best of nations and institutions have experienced and expressed despair in the last few years. This explains why with the help of Council, Management has remained firm and resolute in its commitment to the security of lives and property on the main campus. We appreciate the assistance of the Oyo State Police Command for the support give to the University Security Unit in order to sustain the security on our campuses.

In addition, the support we received from the Council and Management, security breaches have largely ceased and a sense of safety pervades our Main campus. In this regard, we must express our sincere appreciation to the Chief Security Office, Lieutenant Ayinla Kamal Oluade (Rtd) and his team, for their excellent performance and service on the campus. The administration will continue to provide the necessary support to the Security Unit in order to sustain the progress recorded in securing the campus.

Student’s Enrolment and General Performance

Student’s enrolment has improved tremendously, now we have 13,850 students, (8000 undergraduates and 5500 postgraduate) enrolled into various Post-graduate and Undergraduate programmes. The growth of the University has been tremendous and, in the process, all the Undergraduate and Postgraduate academic programmes were therefore verified and approved.

Admissions Unit- Below are the summarized numbers of students admitted into various programmes for the 2021/2022 academic session:

No of Registered Sandwich Students for 2020/2021 =05

No of Registered College Students =85

No of Registered University Diploma =46

No of Registered Part-Time Students =44

No of Registered IJMB/JUPEB Students =214  

No of Registered Law Re-Admission = 07

No of Registered Undergraduate Students =1,663

No of Registered Amnesty Students = 57

Overall Total =2,121

Senate Meetings

For the current 2022/2023 academic session, the University has continued to carry out its core academic activities. Senate meetings have held regularly with important decisions taken on academic matters such as the review of curriculum to ensure conformity to global academic standards and the establishment of new academic programmes, centers and Faculties.

Postgraduate College

To enhance the delivery of postgraduate education in Lead City University, Senate and Council approved the immediate transformation of the Postgraduate School to Postgraduate College, headed by a Provost and Secretary.

The Postgraduate College, in pursuit of its statutory mandate of graduating, training, teaching and research, has been more innovative in achieving its mission. The PG College organized regular seminars and academic presentationsand ensured that students complied with all the internal control mechanism put in place by the University to make the quality of our students theses to be more robust and align with global benchmark.  


The Lead City University library exists to facilitate knowledge creation and dissemination; and to provide support for the teaching, learning and research goals of the university. In line with the university basic mission, the library collects, organizes and provides effective access to up-to-date information resources (books, monographs, journals, audio-visuals, e-resources, etc) and serve as gateway to resources beyond our wall.

The holdings in the library are of good quality, and adequate in number and coverage. Many are of recent publication dates ranging from 2022, 2021 and 2020. The same applies to journals and resource materials. The e-library is functional and the e-resources are available like JSTOR, AJOL and research for Life. 

Convocation Lecture: 

The convocation lecture will be delivered by Dr. Charles Diji Akinola, the Chief of Staff to the Immediate past Governor of Osun State, Governor Adegboyega Oyetola. Dr. Akinola is a Nigerian government official, businessman and consultant. The topic of the convocation lecture is “Interrogating ‘Japa’: Youth and Talent Exodus, National Development in Uncertain Times”

Inaugural Lectures

As it is the practice in Universities all over the world, this University commenced its Inaugural Lecture Series in July 2012. The 14th in the series, entitled “Participatory Agricultural Communication with Rural Farmers: Potentials and Panacea for Food self-Sufficiency and Food Security in Nigeria” was delivered by Prof. Samuel Taye Babaleye, on 26th May, 2022. The 15th Inaugural Lecture in the series entitled- “Advancing Women’s Health for an HIV-Free Generation: Travails and Triumphs” was delivered by Prof. Oliver Chukwujekwu Ezechi, on the 17th November, 2022.

These lectures have been of tremendous benefits to academics, researchers and policy makers.

Honorary Degrees:

Following the approval of the Senate and Governing Council of this great university, we shall confer Honourary Doctorate Degrees on four eminently qualified Nigerians for the roles they have played in nation building and national development

1. High Chief Bashorun Kola Daisi

Our much respected father, an illustrious son of Ibadan, the revered lawyer and businessman, Chief Kola Daisi, Bashorun of Ibadanland, the Founder and Chancellor of Kola Daisi University, Ibadan will be receiving a honorary degree of Doctor of  Business Administration  (HonorisCausa).  

2. Professor Gabriel Kayode Falade

Professor Gabriel Falade, a Fullbright Scholar, a 1st Professor of Petroleum Engineering and Director of Anadril Nig. Ltd, Schlumberger, will be receiving a honorary degree of Doctor of Engineering Science (Honoris Causa).  

3. Chief Ogie Omololu Alakija

Chief Ogie Omololu Alakija, the CEO of Durante Fish Industries Limited will be receiving a honorary degree of Doctor of Business Administration (HonorisCausa)of this great university.

4. Mr. Tunde Kelani

Mr. Tunde Kelani, a foremost Nigerian Film Maker who specializes in producing movies that promote Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage and has a root in documentation, archiving, education, entertainment and promotion of culture will be receiving a honorary degree of Doctor of   Letters (HonorisCausa).

Emeritus Professors

1. Emeritus professorship will be conferred on two prominent and distinguished Professors:

1. Professor Oloruntoyin Omoyeni Falola of the Department of History, The University of Texas at Austin, USA,  a Nigerian Historian and Professor of African Studies.He is a Fellow of the Historical Society of Nigeria and the Nigerian Academy of Letters, has been appointed as Emeritus Professor in the Humanities.

2. Professors Alaba Cornelius Oguunsanwo a former Nigerian Ambassador to Belgium, has been appointed as Emeritus Professor of International Relations, 

These eminently qualifies Nigerians, who have touched numerous lives and contributed immensely to the society were painstakingly selected by Senate and Council. On behalf of Council, Senate, Management and the entire Lead City University community at large, I warmly congratulate all the awardees on these great accomplishments.

Major Achievements during the 2021/2022 Academic Session:

Permit me to outline some of the activities and achievements recorded in the area of academics since the last convocation programme:

2. The Induction and Oath taking ceremony of the first set of qualified Medical Laboratory Scientist was conducted by the Dr. Erhabor CEO & Registrar, Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria for our Medical Laboratory students, . 

3. The 2022 Boards examinations for Community Health result was recently released, Diploma in Community Health (CHEWS) had 91% while the Certificate in Community Health (JCHEWS) had 100% scores.

4. The National Universities Commission has given approval for the commencement of PGD., LLM., M.Phil. & Ph.D. Law and other Postgraduate programmes in the University.

5. Installation of Hybrid Solar Energy to the underlisted: Halls of Residence, Laboratories, Conference Centre, Senate Building, Hospital, Installation of Campus Security Network, Completion of Enterprise Road Project, Construction & Fabrication of Diesel Station to aid supply of Electricity on campus

6. The Canadian Second Secretary (Commercial) & Trade Commissioners, Deputy High Commission of Canada, Miss Sonia Hukil paid a courtesy visit to the University on 31st March 2022.

7. The National Universities Commission gave approval for the commencement of these 3 academic programmes: B.Sc. Geology, B.A. Religious Studies and B.A. French.

8. A team from U.S. Consulate General paid a visit to LCU on Tuesday 15th February, 2022. The team was led by an experienced American Diplomat Deputy Head Public Affairs Office, Mrs. Jennifer Foltz.

9. One of our final year students - AdeleyeAyomide Michael in the department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management recently becomes a National Record Holder of 30 seconds in 50 Metres Free Style Swimming at the just concluded National Sports Festival in Asaba, Delta state.

10. The Lead City FM 89.1 was nominated for awards, recognitions and notable achievements. The campus radio staff won Primus Media Awards in Best Newscasting and Most Youth Friendly Station for the 2nd year in a roll. To achieve 21st century skills for students and staff, Lead City FM 89.1 and 106.3 FM equip our students with knowledge and skills of decision making, especially the analytical skills needed for recognizing, defining and solving problems. The 2 FM radio stations provided students with quality education, and training that will develop their mind, impact both theoretical and practical knowledge on the individual student, instilself-confidence and help to be innovative andself-reliant in their various academic disciplines.

11. The Vice-Chancellor led the Management team of the University to Dubai for Roundtable Retreat fromJune 5th to 12th, 2022, while the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council led another team to Dubai in September 2022 for capacity training workshop and global visibility for the University.

List of Completed Project During 2021/2022 Academic Session.

Completed Projects  

1 Exodus Hall, Hibscus Hall, Cresta Cafeteria, Camp David 3, Camp David 4, Facility &Maintenace Building, Palms Hall (BOT) and Renovation of Champion's Hall  

On-Going Project  

  Name Completion Level

7a Faculty of Environmental Design & Management Building 90%

b Olive Hall 45%

c Faculty of Engineering Building 65%

d Lecture Hall Theaters 5,6, 7, & 8 85%

e 4 Floor Ultramodern Teaching Setting 40%

Conferences & Workshops

During the 2021/2022 academic session, our Faculties and Departments have continued to record impressive achievements in teaching, research and community service. All academic units have continued to engage in cutting- edge research, with all categories of staff regularly attending academic conferences, seminars and workshops. These units have also hosted some of the best scholars in diverse fields from universities and research institutes from different parts of the world.

1. The Vice-Chancellor delivered the 2022 Convocation Lecture at Adeleke University, Ede, titled Promoting Leadership, Creative Thinking and Value Re-Orientation of Nigerian Graduate: A Panacea for Sustainable National Development

2. The Vice-Chancellor was invited as the Guest Speaker at the official launch of CIBN & Lagos Business School collaboration programmes, Lagos. The title of the lecture is Addressing Competency Gap: The Matrimony of Professional and Academic Qualification

3. Faculty of Natural and Applied Science organized 3rd International Conference with the theme is “Translational Research in Science and Technology for Sustainable Development Circa Covid-19 Era”. Held between the 2nd and 4th of November, 2022 at the International Conference Center. 

4. The University sponsored seven lecturers to the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers (NALT) conference which was held in Bayero University, Kano from the 7th to 11th February 2022. In addition, some other lecturers in the Faculty of Law were sponsored by the University to the African Network of Constitutional Lawyers (ANCL) conference held in Namibia and co-hosted by the University of Namibia, from the 22nd of August till 24th of August 2022.

5. The Faculty of Law hosted an international conference known as Law and Dispute Resolution conference. Which attracted scholar and participants from different Universities at home and abroad. 

6. The Vice-Chancellor presented a paper at the 2022 Annual Conference and General Meeting of the Institute of Strategic Management, Lagos with the titled “ Envisioning Survival Strategies for Nigeria”

7. Language & Literature- a one day French programme took place on Wednesday 18th May, 2022 which was two weeks after the department was created. The French language workshop had the theme “Francais Pour Tous” (French for All). The special guest of honor was Prof. Arokoyo, an expert in French Language and Linguistics. 

8. The Faculty of Environmental Design and Management organized a workshop for the celebration of the United Nations – World Habitat Day with the Theme: ‘Mind the gap: Leave no one or place behind’ on the 12th of October, 2022. 

9. The University hosted the 17th MCPD ICCON workshop/ induction/investiture organized by the Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria, between 29th -30th November, 2022 the Lead City International Conference Centre.

10. Department of Politics and International Relations: Facilitated and hosted LCU Interactive Session with the Public Affairs Unit of the United States Consulate General held on Tuesday, 15th February 2022 at the International Conference Center, LCU.

Service to the Community:

The management of Lead City takes a wholistic look at the agenda of Corporate Social Responsibility and imbibe the concept as an intelligent self-interest that ensures that the University is a source of national pride and a University that enjoys local and international recognition, acceptance and favourability.

The University has continued to keep to one of its cardinal objectives of providing quality social services to people within its immediate environment. To this end, we offer scholarships and financial assistance to indigent students to study in our institution. We have been able to sustain and develop recreation programmes that have fostered town and grown relationship with our host community as well as parents, government agencies and individuals. The University hospital serves the university community and the general public for Dental, Antenatal services and surgery operations. 

Helping to bring new horizon into the lives of young people, community, Industries, Economy and the Nigerian Government by promoting the tripartite objectives of the University - (1) Teaching (ii) Research (iii) Public Service

1. Providing Scholarship at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels to the following:

(a) At least 2 Teachers in the 33 local government of Oyo State

(b) Provision of scholarships to brilliant but indigent Nigerian students.

(c) Provision of Scholarship to Police and para-military officers in Oyo State

(d) Provision of Scholarship to staff members of the University and their children

Medical Scholarship: The University subsidizes each student’s medical fee per session with a rebate of 60%


It is a great pleasure to note that many of our students participated in both local and international competitions and came out in shining colours. The same goes for many of the academic staff who won one grant or the other as well as international collaborations with global bodies. Others were conferred with the membership and fellowships of reputable professional bodies while some got awards and distinctions. 

1. The Chancellor, Prof. Gabriel B. Ogunmola was conferred with the Fellow of the prestigious Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria (ICCON).

2. The world’ governing body for psychologists and research leaders in Social Sciences, the American Psychological Association honoured the Dean Faculty of Arts & Education, Prof. Donald Odeleye with full membership status.

3. The Nigerian Academy of Education (NAE) inducted Prof. Donald Odeleye as Member of the Academy at the 36th Annual Congress.

4. Miss. Morenike Adesina received the DAAD fellowship to pursue her Ph.D. in Germany.

5. Mr. OlaitanBamidele received a fellowship to pursue his Ph.D. research in Mexico.

6. Dr. Faniran got a postdoctoral fellowship in France.

7. Dr. Idowu Ologeh also received the TWAS-CSIR post doctoral fellowship.

Major Benefactions

1. Lead City University has enjoyed goodwill and benefactions from individuals, groups and corporate organizations too numerous to mention. I use this opportunity to once again express appreciation to all our benefactors private and corporate who have at one time or the other extended  hands of fellowship to the University in cash and in kind. The various donations and awards had been duly acknowledged. 

2. Special thanks to a distinguished Alumnus of the University, Mr. WasiuOlanrewaju Smart, the Chief of Staff to the Honourable Speaker Gbajabiamila. Mr. WasiuOlanrewaju Smart, within the year under review initiated and facilitated for execution the repair of the 2 kilometre road that leads from the Express Road through the University and the construction of drainage for the same road. He also initiated and facilitated the erection of functional 150 pieces of solar street light for the campus and its environs. May God bless you.

2022 Convocation and Graduation Statistics:

Last year we sent forth a total of 1321 graduates while this year a total of 1300graduands will be conferred with first degree and 405 graduands will be conferred with higher degree awards.

(a). Total for Undergraduate programmes:1306

i. Day 1: 684

ii. Day 2: 622

(b). Postgraduate programme: 534

Total number of Graduating Student: = 1840

The breakdown of the Undergraduate Enterprise Class of 2022 is as follows:

A total of (1306) candidates will be awarded first degrees today and tomorrow. A total of 156 of our students are graduating with First Class Honours. 

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, the Department of Mass Communication has produced the best Graduating student in the University this year with 4.94 CGPA in the person of ADEJOBI AMELIA OLUWATONILOBA, while the best graduating male student is OLUWADARE TIMILEHIN with 4.85 CGPA from the Department of Medical Laboratory Science. From the Postgraduate College, we have PGD (97), MA (7), MED(30), MSC (327) and PHD (73)



DAY       1

S/N Faculty 1st Class 2nd Class Upper Division 2nd Class Lower Division 3rd Class Division Total Graduating Students

  M F M F M F M F  

1 Arts  And Education 3 11 34 50 37 52 1 0 188

2 Basic Medical & Health Sciences 17 34 40 145 21 47 0 2 306

3 Communication & Information Science 4 15 19 37 21 24 0 0 120

4 Environmental Design & Management 10 5 27 10 14 4 0 0 70

  Total 34 65 120 242 93 127 1 2 684

  PERCENTAGE     34.34    65.66    33.15   66.85    42.27   57.73   33.33    66.67  

99 362 220 3



DAY       2

S/N Faculty 1st Class 2nd Class Upper Division 2nd Class Lower Division 3rd Class Division Total Graduating Students

  M F M F M F M F  

1 Law 3 4 40 37 18 33 3 3 141

2 Management & Social Sciences 5 17 55 80 88 80 0 2 327

3 Natural &  Applied Sciences 11 17 33 42 32 15 3 1 154

  Total 19 38 128 159 138 128 6 6 622

  PERCENTAGE     33.33    66.67    44.60   55.40    51.88   48.12   50.00    50.00  

57 287 266 12

Message to our Graduands:   

My dear Enterprise  graduand of 2022, I thank you specially for making Lead City University, Ibadan your choice and it is a great honour to call you our graduating student today. There is no doubt that you have made a right decision by coming to LCU and course of study. Today, you have begun another phase of your journey in life, a phase that LCU has prepared you for; a phase to serve humanity and uphold professionalism.  This is a journey that gives you the independence to define and create the purpose of your adventures. However, the journey might be rough, as you will encounter many new and diverse experiences, hence, I am with upmost confident that you can tackle each situation and excel with astuteness, and resilience. Be courageous, confident and believe in yourself as you have been adequately prepared with the skills and knowledge you acquired here for the future. Go into the world and be an agent of change you wish to see, take charge and Lead! You are born to be leaders and transform Nigeria and the world into a better place. Once again, congratulations my dear graduands, I wish each and everyone of you great success in your future endeavours.

We believe that you will be our good representatives and ambassadors wherever you find yourselves. I take this opportunity to welcome you into the fold of the Lead City University Alumni Association. We hope that you will maintain strong links with the University and assist it in building up an enduring reputation. Equally important, as alumni of this great institution, may I implore you to always remember your own, Lead City University, Ibadan, in all your endeavours, and contribute your own quota to her continued growth, transformation, excellence, global visibility and sustainable development.  I pray you shall excel in all your endeavours in life. Congratulations. To all our parents, thanks you for believing in the University for working with us to make today possible. It is our prayer that our children would continually bring us joy as they move ahead in life.

Clarion Call

The Federal Government should find a holistic solution to the lingering, incessant and re-occurring ASUU strike and do the needful by paying the salary of lecturers and create a conducive atmosphere for growth of Nigerian University system. Both parties must resolve and forge ahead a better course for the future of University education in the country.

Equally important, the government at all levels should come to the aids of candidates seeking admission to private university, so that their dreams will become a reality and that they can also enjoy the dividend of democracy in Nigeria

Closing Remarks

I want to appreciate the support of the Chairman Board of Trustees, Prof. Aladekomo Johnson, Chancellor, Prof Gabriel Ogunmola, Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council, Prof. Jide Owoeye, Council Members, the Registrar, Dr. Mrs Bola Ayeni and other Principal Officers, members of Senate, and the cooperation of the rank and files of teaching and non-teaching staff towards the growth and developments of the university. I thank all stakeholders in the University project for their inputs to the stability and progress of our University. We rest assured of your support as we take sure steps to maintain the legacy and at the same time, raise the bar of high-quality education in the post 17 year era of our beloved Lead City University, Ibadan

I commend your high sense of responsibility, commitment, dedication and passion for excellence. May God Almighty continue to bless you, with sound health, long life and more prosperity to move Lead City University to greater height, transformation, excellence and global visibility. I thank you for being part of today’s convocation ceremony.

 I wish you all journey mercies to your various destinations. May God continue to bless Lead City University. 

Long Live the Enterprise Graduating Class of 2022. 

Long Live Lead City University, Ibadan

Long Live Nigeria

Thank you for listening.


Chris Kehinde Nwandu is the Editor In Chief of CKNNEWS || He is a Law graduate and an Alumnus of Lagos State University, Lead City University Ibadan and Nigerian Institute Of Journalism || With over 2 decades practice in Journalism, PR and Advertising, he is a member of several Professional bodies within and outside Nigeria || Member: Institute Of Chartered Arbitrators ( UK ) || Member : Institute of Chartered Mediators And Conciliation || Member : Nigerian Institute Of Public Relations || Member : Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria || Fellow : Institute of Personality Development And Customer Relationship Management || Member and Chairman Board Of Trustees: Guild Of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria

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