Sunday, 28 August 2022

Tiktok Videos: Daddy Showkey Knocks Police Over Suspension Of Female Supernumerary Officers

Veteran Nigerian singer, John Odafe popularly known as Daddy Showkey, has knocked the Nigeria Police Force for the suspension of two female supernumerary officers who went viral in TikTok videos saying the action is uncalled for.

Posting a video on his Instagram page on Saturday, Showkey said the actions of the ladies were trying to make the image of the force interesting.

“What did these two ladies do that is wrong? What have they done that is wrong? Because you see sometimes, we take action because we want to show we are in position of authority," he said in the video.

“I will tell you, our young people are not even interested in joining the police, because they have demonised it. Many policemen have demonised the police. 

“Look, these two ladies are trying to make the police to be interesting, trying to make young people to see, if we look like this, if we are like this, if we are this and we join the police does not make the police a bad force.  So, if you are suspending them, you are the same people trying to repair the image of the police. What is the image of the police? Go and find out. Do a feasibility study about the image of the police. See, I'm right here in the UK, I have a video of the Police trying to sell themselves to the public, for the public to have confidence in them.  For me, I feel the suspension is uncalled for."

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