Tuesday, 21 June 2022

POS Owner Dies After Being Shot Severally, Robbed Of N800,000

A radio host, @Mrbhadoosky, has taken to Twitter to decry the rising insecurity in Nigeria after a Point-of-Sale (POS) business owner died after he was shot severally and robbed of N800,000

According to him, the POS owner, Adebayo Adekunle, was attacked on June 14 in Ibadan.

He tweeted: “We just lost another young guy whose only crime is fending for himself by doing POS business. On 14th of June, he was attacked, shot severely, & robbed of N800,000. Hospital operated him but didn’t complete it because of fund. I got info yesterday, & was told he’s dead today.”

Sharing a screenshot of a Whatsapp message and some voice notes, @Mrbhadoosky alleged that the man died after the hospital stopped his treatment for lack of funds.

In one of the voice notes, a lady who identified herself as the junior sister narrated what happened to Adekunle.

According to her, her brother was returning from the bank where he went to withdraw N800,000 when he was attacked and shot several times.

She explained, “He was on the bike when it happened so some of the shots missed. However, he was hit in the stomach and on the head.  He was rushed to the hospital at Ibadan Central on Tuesday, and the doctor demanded N1.7m for the surgery.

“We begged them and they (doctor) performed the surgery and the bullet was removed from his stomach. The doctor said some internal organs had been affected and his chances of survival were 10 per cent but we thank God that went well.

“We now asked about the bullet in his head and we were told to deposit at least N1.2m.”

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