Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Enugu 2023: Ekweremadu Goes To Mpu By Okenna Jideofor


When Senator Ike Ekweremadu overrated himself politically by throwing his hat into Enugu 2023 governorship race, in total violation of the conventional rotation of the seat among the three senatorial zones in the state, which favours Enugu East zone to produce Governor in 2023, I was cocksure that Ike has buried or retired himself politically without  standing ovation or honour. I was convinced that Ike was embarking on dead-on-arrival voyage. 

   While Ike's cheer followers and uninformed social media bandits kept urging him on with the slogan Ike Is Coming, just for their own selfish interest, Ike kept playing into their hands and to the gallery to his own peril. 

     Now that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National and State Assembly primaries in Enugu state have been peacefully and smoothly conducted with Ike and his main men namely-Hon. Dennis Amadi, Hon. Toby Okechukwu and others as sore and greatest losers, will Ike still come? 

    Now that Federal High Court, Abuja has thrown away Ike's pawns suit challenging the peaceful and transparent conduct of the three man PDP- Delegate Congress in Enugu and upheld its outcome, just a day before the governorship primary in the state, will Ike still make himself available for the contest, hide his head in shame or go to Mpu immediately? 

    What will Ike tell Hon. Amadi, Hon. Okechukwu, his social media praise singers and plebeians? Where will Ike leave his footsoldiers and noisemakers?  At Aki na Ukwa junction, Enugu/Port Harcourt Express or Odunma? Where? 

   Especially as it is obvious that Mpu may not contain them and Ike have just realised lately that he has deceived and misled them for too long. 

    Is it true that Ike is confusingly  planning to take them to All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA ) to dump them as a last resort to save his face? What does Ike think he can do with and for them in APGA after squandering his political goodwill in the PDP on the altar of hos vaulting and desperate governorship ambition?

   As it is today, Ekweremadu should know that there is no way Ike can come near Lion Building in 2023. It is not possible.

    Ike and his bunch of propagandists can now see that Gburugburu is a political generalissimo. They can see and concur now that Gburugburu is incharge and does not make noise about it.  They can see that Gburugburu knows the road to the destination. For now, the best bet for Ike is to retire to Mpu and rest for now. 

     He should also apologise to his uninformed followers and social media urchins for misleading them for too long. He should as well recant his denial of  the existing rotation of governorship seat in Enugu state and tender unreserved apology to the founding fathers of the state, PDP leaders and Ndi Enugu.

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