Wednesday, 12 January 2022

People Who Don’t Have Cars Are Demanding Updates From Me On Overhead Bridge Project ...Gov Okezie Ikpeazu

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State says many people who do not have cars have been asking for updates on a flyover bridge being constructed by his administration.

The governor said this in a recent interview that he granted to a radio station.

The presenter had asked him why it had taken so long to complete the bridge, which his administration has been building for six years.

But Ikpeazu, who was obviously irritated, asked if they were the ones who told him to construct the bridge.

“Are you the one that asked me to build the flyover? I started the flyover on my own because I saw the need for it. Most of the people demanding updates on the flyover don’t have vehicles, they are moving about with legs. What business does those walking have with flyover?

“They should be happy that we are almost done with the flyover; we are currently working on the stone base of the flyover.”

Ikpeazu and the interviewer spoke in Igbo language.

The governor’s comment created a storm on social media, where many accused him of discriminating between the rich and poor.

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