Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Pastor Ashimolowo Ordains His Son As KICC Pastor

Tobi Ashimolowo, one of the sons of Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo has now been ordained as a Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) pastor, after years of running away from ministry.

Sharing the ordination news on his Instagram page moments ago, Tobi Ashimolowo wrote:

“For years I ran away from ministry as I wanted to pursue other dreams I had, however I surrendered to God in 2016 when I heard the call. In that year I was ordained as a minister and I began full time ministry.

Yesterday God opened a new chapter and gave me double honour.

I was ordained as a Pastor and I was also made a Resident Pastor of our UK KICC Headquarters Prayer City/Hoe Street – alongside my mother.

The next slide is of @mrbenandoh prophesying about me being a Pastor back in September 2021 

This is a massive responsibility which I don’t take lightly but I am excited for what God is going to do.

I thank God for this privilege and honour to serve His people.

I thank my father, mother, the Royals family, my mentors and every friend and family member that has believed in my call to ministry.

The shift has begun! “

In response, his wife, Toyin also shared the ordination post on her page with the caption:

 “Yesterday my husband, father of my children & prayer warrior was ordained as a pastor!

He has gone from Minister Tobi to Pastor Tobi!

Not only that but he has also been appointed to the position of Resident Pastor of the KICC UK headquarters alongside my mother in love.

Wow! What an honour & what a privilege!

His sacrifice, obedience, love, courage, boldness, tears, labour – I have seen it all.

@tobiashimolowo does not play when it comes to the things of God. I repeat DOES NOT PLAY!

The KICC UK headquarters is beyond blessed to have him as a resident pastor!

We as a family are so grateful to have those around us who have believed in his ministry, served wholeheartedly in @kiccroyals & @kiccengland, and supported us both! You know who you are!

Thank you so so much for your love and your loyalty! We couldn’t do it without you!

This is only the beginning, the shift has begun and this is truly our year of taking over! “

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