Sunday, 30 January 2022

Nigerian Youths Are Not Prepared For Governance....Comedian Ali Baba

Stand-up comedian Ali Baba has said Nigerian youths are unprepared to take governance.

According to the veteran comic act in an interview observed, the unpreparedness of the youth to take over mantle of leadership in the country is because there is no system in place for them to win election and change the game of governance.

Ali Baba argued a vast majority of youths lack knowledge of what democracy and having power is. Adding these same youths are violent to themselves and exhibit criminal tendencies.

He said: “No, they are not because they’ve not been prepared to take governance. For people to be prepared to take governance, you need to have: legislation, education, information and you also need to have jurisdiction.

“So, let’s say the youths are not prepared because a lot of things that the people who are in power now are supposed to do for the youths to get into place of power and responsibility to take over from them have not been done.

“We have many youths today who do not know what democracy is. Who do not know what even having power is. Who are violent to themselves. Who are criminals in themselves.

“So, there’s need for a lot of that to change for people to then properly embrace the fact that tomorrow is your day.

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