Friday, 14 January 2022

CKN's Tribute To Late Ex Governor Adebayo Alao Akala


I must confess that I was not an admirer of former Governor Christopher Alao Akala for a long time 

I've always taken every opportunity to attack him on my wall because of some of the negative things I read about him in the press then.

In fact i never knew how popular and loved he was in Oyo State until ì practically relocated to Ibadan in 2018

I realized that most of those negative stories about him were politically motivated 

I was shocked that whenever Alao Akala's name was mentioned in any discussion in Ibadan, people said so many pleasant things about him across party lines especially the peasants and artisans 

They will always tell you , Akala did this , Akala did that 

They will reel out so many things he did as Governor ( don't forgot he took over from his boss RASHEED ADEDOJA ) 

Throughout Oyo State and Ogbomoso ( where he came from ) Akala was like a cult figure, highly respected and loved

When I finally met him later that year, I was shocked by the HUMILITY he displayed ( it was at the birthday party of his wife at their residence) 

His sense of humour is world class , as rightly pointed out too by Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo  in her tribute .

Infact he would have been a good comedian , no dull moment with him , you will laugh and laugh till you crack your ribs .

He told me how he watches me on TV everytime I was on air and commended the forthright way i marshal my points irrespective of whose ox is gored , he was also an addicted fan of Journalists Hangout on TVC ( then )

There is so much to be said , but let's just leave it at that 

My condolences goes to his wife , Aunty Kemi ( who is one of the most active members on this page ) and to all  members of the Akala family including Gloria Eyinoye Wande 

Also to Hon Oladeji Wunmi  a member of Oyo State House of Assembly representing Ogbomoso ( who is a political daughter to Chief Akala) and so many of his friends and political associates 

Same to My lovely aunty Kaita Lawal who is a very close friend of the family 

May the soul of Otunba Christopher Alao Akala rest in perfect peace

Chris Kehinde Nwandu is the Editor In Chief of CKN News 

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