Saturday, 18 December 2021

US Based Nigerian Medical Doctor Convicted Of $918,000 Fraud


A Nigerian Naturalized American once-renowned medical Internist, Dr. SAMSON ORUSA has been convicted for Drug charges, Money laundering, illegally distributing oxycodone during his medical practice

Tennessee Senior Pastor of God’s Sanctuary Church was found guilty and faces 20 years in jail

A Jury indicted the suspect in 36 out of 45 counts, freeze five bank accounts, one annuity and one 401K; with a combined value of more than $918,000, plus forfeiture of a 2017 Mercedes Benz

The alumnus of University of Benin Faculty of Medicine may lose his medical license during jail term

"Physicians like Dr. Orusa who violate their oath and engage in such reckless conduct and contribute to the opioid epidemic facing this nation can expect to bear the full force and effect of the federal justice system” so said Acting U.S. Attorney Mary Jane Stewart

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