Sunday, 5 December 2021

Kwam 1 Management Must Pay Me Back My Money...Comedian Elenu Insists

Comedian, Babatunde Akinlami, popularly known as Elenu, has said that if a show promoter, Mike Fash, does not refund the money he paid to secure fuji musician, K1 d Ultimate’s performance in the United States of America, he would continue to ‘drag’ him on social media.

Elenu told Sunday Scoop, “I had come across a flier for K1 D Ultimate Live in America between September and October. I reached out to a friend to know the to management company involved. That was how I was introduced to Orbit Entertainment and the show promoter, Mike Fash. We then struck a deal. It was an all-inclusive deal and the show was supposed to hold on September 6, 2021. Money was paid 90 per cent upfront, remaining a balance of 25, 000 dollars.

“I suspected that something like that could happen because it was my first time working with Orbit Entertainment. I asked Fash if all the artistes had got their visas, work permits and other things they needed to perform in the US. He said ‘yes’. I asked him to put it in the contract and he did. We signed the contract and money exchanged hands at different times.”

Elenu further said that when he requested for a promotional video from K1 confirming his attendance for the show, he was given different excuses. He added, “They are saying that when Alhaji (K1) arrives, they would get back to me. So far, the contract has been breached and no solution has been reached. They have remained incommunicado and they expect us to act like they are doing us a favor.”

Elenu, who rose to fame after winning AY’s Open Mic comedy competition in 2006, maintained that he was still an active comedian despite his relocation to the United States. He said, “I have still been doing many events here since 2018.

 There is not much difference being a comedian in the United States and in Nigeria. The most important thing is one’s ability to communicate with the audience. I have been to all the states in the US and I can conveniently hold shows here because of my popularity back in Nigeria and in almost every area here, you would find Nigerians. It wasn’t easy in the beginning but when people noticed that I am now fully here, lots of events started coming my way.

“We learn everyday and get better from our mistakes. Studying one’s crowd and knowing what to deliver to them is what makes one a good entertainer. My best moments as a comedian are when I see people smile. As far as I can make people happy, be it a large crowd or my group of friends, I’m okay.

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