Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Foreign Scouts Set To Discover Stars In Nigerian League


Lagos 21 scouting program organizers are bullish that the program will help unveil the next Kanus, Ndidis, and Okochas. They also hope to convince the Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr, that there are many stars waiting to be uncovered in the NPFL (Nigerian Professional Football League). These budding players might not be very new to soccer fans in Nigeria. You can learn more about online live soccer betting opportunities, offering an exciting way to enjoy the game. In a short while, these stars will see their careers move to the next level, thanks to the Lagos 21 scouting program. 

The scouts involved in the program come from Germany, Turkey, France, and other European countries. Renowned sports promoters and football agents invited these scouts to Nigeria. Okpalajiaku Obiora, the scouting program’s chief organizer, stated that the program would move to other parts of the country. He also added that the foreign scouts are collaborating with several Nigerian clubs’ directors to ensure they get top-quality players. 

According to Obiora, the scouting team would visit Port Harcourt and River State on 15th December. He also revealed that the scouts had already identified some talented players in the match between 3SC and Sunshine Stars and MFM versus De Cardinal FC, among other games. 

Uche Egbuku, the CEO of UDE Sports International, claimed that the Super Eagles Wilfred Ndindies’ coaches were not fair to players playing in the local league. Uche is also a top football agent famous for discovering Leicester City midfielder Wilfred Ndindi. He has also helped other Nigerian footballers to get clubs abroad. Additionally, Uche claimed that Amao is one of the most promising players abroad and should be invited to the national team promptly. Apart from that, he advised Gernot Rohr and other Nigerian coaches to avoid sentiments and select the best performing players all the time. 

The super-agent also stated that Amao is young and talented and is currently the best player in Sweden. He also accused the Nigerian coaches of ignoring these good players for no reason. According to Uche, the era of hanging on to older players is long gone. 

Fortunately for the budding players, Uche claimed that reputable coaches and technocrats were handling the scouting program. Therefore, he was confident that the bias and incompetence of Nigerian football would be exposed.  

It is still early to state whether the program will be a success. However, since the organizers seem to be confident about what they are doing, this program will give hope to many talented Nigerian footballers. 

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