Monday, 11 September 2017

I Was The One That Caught Escaped Killer Of 8 Year Old Ph Girl,Not Police - Facebook User Claim

Thomas Gwon
One Thomas Gwon, has taken to his page to claim that he was the one that caught Port Harcourt rapist and ritualist, Ifeanyi Dike, who kidnapped, raped and dismembered the body of his 8 year old neighbor, Chikamso, who is also a cousin to the suspect.

He escaped from police custody just a day after he was paraded before newsmen. He was re-arrested on September 5th in Jos. According to Thomas, Dike stabbed him on the face.

The police said he was caught while trying to break into a house but didn't give much detail. Gwom claims it was his house, Ifeanyi tried to stab him to death, he overpowered him after a 25mins struggle and took him to the police.

His post reads, "I want to thank all my friends and well-wishers, who wish me well, during my ordeal. but I need to mention this, because it will shock those who know the story.

The person who broke into my home to steal and basically to murder me was none other, than "ritual killer". The wanted criminal who escaped from police custody in Port Harcourt.

For raping and killing 8 year old girl, and removing parts for ritual. He came to my home town over two weeks ago and basically found a free room in one of our laundry rooms, that wasn't used and stay there without anyone's knowledge.

He was there for sometimes, until he got the boldness to attack me in the early hours of the morning of this past Tuesday, that leads to the capture of the dangerous criminal, who almost stabbed me to death.

After a long struggle, It took me 25mins before I could overpowered this animal. my greatest surprised was seeing the police taking credits for what they did not do.

Not minding, the sacrifice I made. putting my life on the line. the Nigerian police now have the effrontery to take responsibility for what they know nothing about.

Ifeanyi Dike was caught in Barki Ladin local government, in the early hours of Tueday morning, at about 7am. on the 5th of September 2017. and I Thomas Gwom caught and handed him over to the police. I am ashamed of the Nigerian police" he wrote.

The Police are yet to react to his claim

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