Monday, 11 September 2017

I Can't Make What I Earn Public..Senate's Spokesman

Sabi Abdullahi
The Senate’s spokesperson, Senator Sabi Abdullahi, on Sunday said he can’t disclose the amount he earns per annum as a public officer on national television.

Abdullahi, who is also chairman of senate committee on media stated this on Channel’s Sunday Politics.

When asked if he thinks the amount earned by the members of the red chamber is justifiable in the present economic situation of the country.

Abdullahi said there are institutions that carevealed the information on the salary earned by the lawmakers.

“To me, this is an open affair. For us in the national assembly, we need to ask this question. What is the cost of having democracy and what is the cost of not having democracy?

I think it is when we answer the questions that we can begin to appreciate whether when we are using so so amount of money to service the national assembly as the heart of our democracy, we can begin to see whether we are having a misplaced priority not.

“What the national assembly does seems to be something you can call intangible. We come out with laws for good governance, for the peace order of this country and when these laws come out, and these peace and order secured, nobody tends to see the cost implication. And I think this is where we need to look at these issues.

Professor Itse Sagay had last week presented a paper at a forum, saying an average senator earns N29m in a month. The senate reacted by urging President Muhammadu Buhari to call him to order.

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