Saturday, 18 March 2023

Frank Nweke Accuses PDP Of Intimidating Voters With Thugs In Enugu


The All Progressives Grand Alliance governorship candidate in Enugu State, Frank Nweke Jr has called out the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP for deploying thugs to intimidate voters in the state.

He said this while speaking to newsmen after casting his vote.

Nweke said, “There is a clear order from the military high command and police high command that all movements across communities are prohibited, and as a law-abiding citizen, I must abide to.

“But it is regrettable that information reaching us from various parts of the states has not been as savoury as one would have wished.

“If you go to Maryland, for instance, there is a gentleman called Freedom Nnam who has been identified very clearly as coordinating thugs who are actually intimidating and threatening people that if they don’t vote for the PDP, they will be harmed. We have received several reports. There have been a lot of security breaches. People are being attacked. Voters are being intimidated by the Peoples Democratic Party, that’s what it is. It is by the PDP, the nation deserves to know what is going on in Enugu.

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