Thursday, 22 December 2022

Abuja Intl Airport Workers Accused Of Damaging Passenger's Luggage ,Stealing Expensive Perfumes

A Twitter user simply identified as Rashiid has accused officials at the Abuja airport of theft and damaging his luggage.  

Rashiid, who said he was returning to the country after four years, shared a photo of his damaged luggage on his Twitter handle on Tuesday.

“This was how Nigeria airport staff welcomed me home after four years, stole my Givenchy perfume, other perfumes, bags etc. 'Asin' I even bought this traveling bag for almost 400 euros," he tweeted.

Speaking on the incident , he revealed that the incident happened at the Abuja airport on Monday after his flight landed at about 8:00 p.m. He added that he didn’t realise that his items were missing until he got home.

He said the picture of his luggage was taken immediately he took it from the conveyor belt. 

“I didn’t make any complaints because I thought maybe the bag got damaged. It was when I got home I knew the things that actually got missing. 

Even at the airport there is no way I could have known what exactly was missing and we landed at night, so I took that picture immediately I took my bag from the conveyor belt."

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