Friday, 7 October 2022

Stop Cosmetic Surgery, Female Celebrity Warns Women


"I was given a second chance" Vera Sidika begs women again to avoid cosmetic surgery as she shares video from her reconstructive surgery experience

Vera Sidika has taken to Instagram to warn women against undergoing cosmetic surgery.

The Kenyan socialite, who was known for her curvy physique, took to Instagram on Wednesday, October 5, to share a photo of her new body, with her bum much flatter than usual.

She then opened up that she developed complications as a result of the surgeries done in the past.

She returned to Instagram today to share photos from the corrective surgery she had recently.

In the caption, she said God gave her a second chance to start over.

She then warned young women again to learn from her.

"This will truly help many girls out there trying to go down that path," she hoped.

She added: "I might not have the body y'all are used to seeing but I'm alive and nothing beats that."

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