Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Breaking: 25 States Frustrate Nigerian Constitution Amendments..Senate


The National Assembly has accused 25 State houses of Assembly of forestalling the consideration of the Constitution Amendment Process .

The Deputy President of the Senate , Senator OMO Agege , Disclosed this at the National Assembly, while giving updates on the progress of the 44 bills transmitted to the state houses of Assembly for Consideration 6 months ago.

Senator Omo Agege says only 11 State Houses of Assembly have shown their commitment to the to the Constitution Review Process so far including, Abia , Akwa- Ibom, Anambra, Delta, Edo , Kaduna , Katsina, Kogi, Lagos, Ogun and Osun States .

However, the Lawmaker says the conference of Speakers in the remaining 25 State houses of Assembly have refused to consider the 44 bills on the condition that the National Assembly considers 4 other bills already thrown out by the National Assembly.

The Bills include , the Establishment of State Police, Establishment of the State  Judicial Council, streamlining the procedure for removing the Presiding Officers of the State houses of Assembly and the institutionalization of Legislative Bureaucracy in the Constitution.

On the other hand , the Federal Lawmakers have accused state Governors and the conference of speakers of sabotage in an attempt to frustrate the Bills regarding local Government autonomy.

The National Assembly insists that it has fulfilled its own mandate regarding the Constitution review Process and Nigerians should hold  the state houses of Assemblies accountable for any further delays.

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