Monday, 12 September 2022

Married Man Arrested For Incinerating A Woman Who Turned Him Down To Marry Someone Else


One Ibrahim Muhammadu, has been arrested by the Adamawa police command for masterminding the k#lling of a newly married woman because she d¥mped him. 

The suspect is reported to have paid someone to set the woman and her husband abl@ze on September 6, barely two weeks after their wedding. It was gathered on Saturday, September 10, that the woman d#ed due to severe b¥rns while the man was receiving treatment in the hospital.

 According to reports, Ibrahim Muhammad, who is married with four children, fell in love with the deceased and spent about N150,000 on her after she agreed to marry him. The deceased, allegedly after collecting the money, declined the proposal and got married to another suitor. 

Muhammadu, it was learnt, organized the k#lling by hiring one Ibrahim Savanna, paid him N5,000 and gave him four measures of rice to get the couple k#lled.

 After collecting the money and the rice, Ibrahim Savanna, armed with petrol and matches, went to the room of the couple in the night and set it on f#re after locking it up.

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