Monday, 4 July 2022



Who are members and those behind the amorphous and disjointed group called ADADA  PEOPLES PARLIAMENT? They are no other people than some persons/ politicians from Nsukka led by a former Minister, a perpetual governorship aspirant/ candidate and others, who lost out in the PDP primaries and decided to pick an axe with Ugwuanyi on the political scene and social media platforms to express their grievances. That is their style. They operate in different guises to conceal their identities. They are bunch of hypocrites and ingrates. They recruit the uninformed and the susceptibles. They hoodwink and mislead people with their oratorical and writing skills. They are not better than Ugwuanyi politically and otherwise, both in Nsukka and Enugu state. They have no scorecards in Nsukka. It is all about them, public fund and their families. 

     Initially, they started fighting Gov. Ugwuanyi openly, using their cronies and surrogates to peddle useless and meaningless open letters to him, hiding under  Nsukka interest and agenda. 

    When it became counterproductive for them, they changed tactics and started peddling falsehoods against Ugwuanyi anonymously on social media platforms. 

   They have lackeys in the social media, churches and among the paperweight and jobless politicians. They have recruited social media trumpeters and noisemakers. They are behind all the social media attacks on Governor Ugwuanyi since the conclusion of the PDP primaries that didn't favour their preferred aspirant and brother-in-law of the former Minister. 

   It would be recalled that the same former Minister   and his cohorts have always selfishly fought every government in Enugu state since 1999. They fought Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani politically and failed. They led  political onslaught against Sullivan Chime and failed. 

    This is why it should not be surprising to anybody that the same former  Minister is leading and coordinating political and media attacks on his own kinsman and friend, Governor Ugwuanyi ahead of 2023 for not making his brother- in- law and former Commissioner, PDP governorship candidate in Enugu. This is despite all that Governor Ugwuanyi has personally done for him and his family members. 



Politics is about strategy, people and victory. It is not about grandstanding and making unguarded and oratorical speeches. 

   The Former Minister from Nsukka who is leading political/ media fights against Governor Ugwuanyi has been in politics and government before Ugwuanyi, but has nothing meaningful or tangible to show for it in Nsukka. He has never won any elective position. He has  contested presidency and failed.

   He is older than Ugwuanyi politically and otherwise, but not better than him politically and integrity wise.  

    ASHUA is a political slang that is being used under Ugwuanyi's  administration to spice political activities and make it lively.  Such slang is not peculiar to Ugwuanyi or his government. It does not meant trading in human beings and political emotions like bags of grain common with Orie Orba market as erroneously peddled by Ugwuanyi's detractors. 

    On not making speeches on the floor of the House of Representatives, can those accusing Ugwuanyi of docility in the House of Reps. show the world the proceedings of the House during Ugwuanyi's stay there to substantiate their claim. 

    It is not enough for them to make baseless  allegations against Ugwuanyi's stewardship in the House of Representatives without any concrete evidence. Are they saying that Ugwuanyi's ascendancy to Governor from House of Representatives was not as a result of his outstanding performance  in House of Representatives and political acceptance by Enugu people as a good and peaceful man. 

 Can they point at what those of them that have made so much  noises on the political scene attracted and brought to Nsukka as legacy project or human empowerment since Independence? This will help to juxtapose their political achievements in Nsukka and Enugu state in general with Gov. Ugwuanyi. 



Saying that Ugwuanyi bidded for Enugu governorship seat in 2015 and bought it for 6.7billion without any evidence is the height of political misyarnings and rumoursmongering that those fighting Gov. Ugwuanyi from Nsukka are known for. 

  Assuming without conceding that Ugwuanyi purchased the governorship seat to give Nsukka representation and voice, he deserves commendations and not  condemnations and envy as being displayed by some people from Nsukka. Ugwuanyi should be treated like a hero and not a vilian. It means that without Ugwuanyi's courageous and bold moves, Nsukka wouldn't have produced Governor in 2015 despite their people's noise of being the most populated, politically exposed and educated senatorial  zone in Enugu State. 

    On the allegations that Ugwuanyi alleged he gave 2.3billion to Mrs Ifeoma Nwobodo and Mr. Sullivan Chime 1.5bn for his governorship seat. This is a lie from pit of hell aimed at pitching Ugwuanyi against his benefactors and friends, Nwobodo and Chime. 

   It is true that Ugwuanyi spent billions in settling his governorship legal matters against two Nsukka sons, who held him down after winning  election and the so called few selfish Nsukka leaders who are now selfishly fighting Gov. Ugwuanyi went to sleep then by playing the ostrich.


On the delineation of Isi Uzo LGA from Enugu North Senatorial zone to Enugu East Senatorial  zone by General Sani Abacha in 1996, what has that got to do with Gov. Ugwuanyi, who was not in politics then. 

   Where were the former Minister and his cohorts from Nsukka when Isi Uzo LGA was carved out from Enugu North Senatorial zone to Enugu East zone? What do they with their connections in the corridors of power then feather the nest of Isi Uzo people politically? 

     What do they do for Isi Uzo LGA people  to emancipate them since 1999 till date only to suddenly wake up now to fight Ugwuanyi and PDP because they didn't make their brother-in-law, PDP governorship candidate, using Nsukka interest as ploy to lure people into their personal project. 

  Claiming that Ugwuanyi sold the PDP governorship ticket to Bar. Peter Mbah for 2billion is rascality, mischief and puerility taken too far. How much was the Labour Party governorship ticket sold to the former Minister's brother in law from Isi Uzo LGA that was in Ugwuanyi's government as Commissioner for seven years? 


Ugwuanyi's government just like every other before him and after him would be assessed by the finances available to the government and challenges that confronted the government. 

    Ugwuanyi's government took off with bailout funds and have experienced two recessions and COVID-19 pandemic. In the face of these, the government's financial obligations has been on increase and Ugwuanyi has kept the state in a good financial stead using financial acumen. This is despite the lean financial resources at his disposal. 

   It is quite interesting to know that those who are now critical and opposed to Ugwuanyi's government lately are beneficiaries of lucres and contracts from his  government. While some of them failed to execute contracts given to them, others did shoddy jobs of which Ugwuanyi's government is on them to complete or make refund.   Instead of doing the needful, they became angry and started fighting Ugwuanyi using Nsukka interest. 

    Kudos to them for acknowledging that Ugwuanyi built the first flyover bridge at T-Junction Enugu, Opi/ Nsukka Road, State University of Medical and Applied Science at Igbo Eno that is under construction. Why not acknowledge that Ugwuanyi attracted Federal Polytechnic Ohodo? Why not acknowledge that Ugwuanyi raised the number of permanent Secretaries from Nsukka from 2 in 2015 to 15 today? Why not acknowledge that Ugwuanyi made Nsukka people Heads of majority of Boards, Agencies and Parastatals in Enugu today? Why not acknowledge that Ugwuanyi built State Secretariat Annex at Ede Oballa Nsukka and 6,000 capacity sitting Township Stadium in Nsukka town? Why not acknowledge that Ugwuanyi has constructed and reconstructed virtually all the internal and link roads in Nsukka and its environs?  Why not acknowledge and ask why is it that when Ugwuanyi became Governor, PDP lost power at centre and the federal positions that would have automatically come to Enugu North Senatorial were lost? Why not acknowledge that since PDP lost power at the centre in 2015, all the PDP leaders in Enugu have depend and rely on Ugwuanyi's government and Ugwuanyi has managed them well in the spirit of brotherhood and partisanship? Why, if not hypocrisy, pettiness and selfishness. 


Nobody raped anybody financially in the PDP primaries in Enugu State. People who felt that they are qualified, went and purchased PDP forms voluntarily to test their popularity in the primaries. 

   Many of them only came to inform Ugwuanyi of their political ambitions of which Ugwuanyi has no power to stop them. If Ugwuanyi has told them not to contest, they will say that Ugwuanyi scuttled their political ambitions. 

    Many of them misunderstood Ugwuanyi's position which is that anybody who felt he is qualified to contest election, should go ahead as Ugwuanyi's endorsement of their ambitions. It is undemocratic of Ugwuanyi to stop anybody who wants to contest primaries.   

     Majority of the appointees of Ugwuanyi who resigned their positions to contest the primaries did so on their own volition and conviction, not Ugwuanyi's promise or assurance to them as being peddled by them now to blackmail Ugwuanyi and justify their political shortsightedness and vaulting ambitions. 

   None of these people are kids or political neophytes not to weigh or know their chances in the primaries before jumping into the race for the PDP tickets. They dropped and peddled  Ugwuanyi's name at ease thinking that it will give them tickets. If they are true and loyal party men, for the fact that they lost in the PDP primaries is not enough for them to be fighting and attacking Ugwuanyi and the party. This is considering the fact that in every contest, there must be winners and losers. 

   The National Working Committee of PDP  did not froze out Senator Ike Ekweremadu from Governorship race as a payback to Ugwuanyi. It is public knowledge that 

Ekweremadu withdrew from the governorship race on his own and pledged support for Mr. Peter Mbah after seeing that odds which include zoning of the seat were against him. 

 Why these obvious lies just to paint Ugwuanyi? This is disheartening, especially coming from few Nsukka people, who have shared government juicy positions with hope that the former Minister's brother- in-law will win PDP governorship ticket. 


  Writing anonymously and bluntly that Ugwuanyi's second name is Lies is the greatest insult to the office of the Governor, not Ugwuanyi per se. This is the height of insubordination and disrespect to the exalted office. It shows the level of pettiness, frustrations and desperations on the part of those spearheading media/ political fights and attacks on Governor Ugwuanyi from Nsukka. It means that they are not leaders, but dealers, gangsters and vampires who have no respect or regard for the office of the Governor they claim to be fighting for Isi Uzo people. 

     Describing Ugwuanyi's humility as inferior complex is a miscarriage of description. Ugwuanyi is imbued with inelastic patience and unprecedented humility. That has been his strength. He is a man of few words and great ideas and actions. 

  He is a leader with his own style different from that of his predecessors, who operated in different circumstances and fluidity of funds. 

   Expecting Ugwuanyi to open the government's coffers to profligacy in the prevailing economic challenges and difficulties is a clear picture of what the people fighting Ugwuanyi from Nsukka stand for. Their expectations,  sense of entitlements and greed are shocking and unacceptable. 



If it is the decision of the Enugu Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ) and its governorship candidate, Mr. Peter Mbah that Bar. Ifeanyi Ossai from Udenu LGA will be his running mate so be it. When Chimaroke  Nnamani picked Okey Itanyi as his deputy in 1999, Okwesilieze Nwodo who is his kinsman was PDP National Secretary. The party is supreme and its decision is binding on all members. This is not peculiar to PDP. 

   The choice of Ossai as Deputy Governor designate has no business or bearing with the choice of the PDP Enugu North Senatorial zone to elect Governor Ugwuanyi as its Senatorial candidate. It has nothing do with the decision of PDP people of Udenu State Constituency to elect Hon. Solomon Onah as its candidate for the state constituency seat. 

  In Abia state today, Mr. Theodore Orji former Governor of the state is a second term Senator representing Abia Central zone. His first biological son, Engr. Chinedum Orji is about completing his second term as Speaker Abia State House of Assembly. He has also won a House of Representatives ticket ahead of 2023 general elections. Bola Ahmed Tinubu the godfather of Lagos politics is today APC presidential candidate while his wife, Oluremi is the senator representing Lagos Central zone. The list is endless. 

   There is nothing unconstitutional and undemocratic about Deputy Governor and Senator coming from one local government. 



There should be an urgent call for action by Nsukka people against the former Minister and his retinue of troublemakers that have not brought or done anything meaningful for Nsukka people or interests, other than to call them out for needless fight whenever they felt their selfish political interests are not protected and oiled. 

   The Nsukka political leaders they called out in their article to embark on mass movement against Gov. Ugwuanyi know them more than they know themselves. 

   They know that they are just hiding under false Nsukka interest to push for their brother-in-law's  governorship project. They know they are clever by half and insincere. They know that they have no integrity and trackrecord. They know that Gov. Ugwuanyi has done well and better for Nsukka people than these few disgruntled and greed elements calling for his head. 

 Those hiding under Nsukka interest to fight for the revival of the moribund political dynasty and their selfish interests should have a rethink of the consequences of their actions against Nsukka posterity and political future when they lost at the end of day. A word is enough for the wise. 




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