Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Buhari Digging Graves Of Nigerians .. Gov Ortom


Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has lamented that President Muhammadu Buhari is digging the graves of Nigerians.

He also said those deceiving President Buhari that all was well are all criminals. The governor disclosed these while fielding questions from newsmen at a press conference held at Government House, Makurdi, on Monday.

Ortom pointed out that before President Buhari came to power in 2015, he had said he would take the nation from top bottom.

He, however, lamented that instead of leaving Nigerians at the bottom, where he had currently taken the nation, the president was further digging the graves of Nigerians.

Ortom, who decried the state of insecurity which has gone to the point where terrorists have threatened to kidnap the president, however, prayed that God would not allow the insurgents to have their way.

Describing Fulani herdsmen and terrorists as one and the same, he said such incidences have earlier happened in Afghanistan and it would be unwise for government to rule out the possibility of insurgents making an attempt at carrying out their threat.

“I told you this before I traveled; have you seen now that bandits are threatening Buhari? It’s very unfortunate, but this is what I saw and when I was asked by journalists I said it is possible this can also take place in Nigeria, if it happened in Afghanistan.

“Those people are the same, those that took over Afghanistan are ISWAP Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram and ISIS, they are the same, let nobody deceive you.

 “They are being sponsored or how can you explain to me that the Federal Government does not have the might to face them.

 “I saw a video in which they were whipping some persons, women, children were in that video.

And you tell me there is no military, there is no security to go and rescue these people? Where has it happened in the whole world? “And you tell me there is a government? There is no government in Nigeria today.

“Those who are deceiving the president that he is doing well, are criminals.

“President, if you are listening to me, you are not doing well. You are not living up to the oath of office you took, when you were sworn in; students are not happy; Nigerians are in pains, they are suffering.

The economy, security and the social life of our people have gone down the drain.

 “They are praying that if it were possible, you bring it (Nigeria) back to 2015 when you took over and they will be happy.

 “Truly, you have brought us from top to bottom. Okay leave us at the bottom, but you are digging our graves and we are dying and anyone may insult me, but the truth must be told.

 “You must change; true change. Not the kind of change you came to deceive people with in 2015 to make life better for Nigerians”, he stated.

Governor Ortom further explained that he was pained by the whipping of victims that were abducted by terrorists, including women and children in the video in which terrorists threatened to kidnap President Buhari.

Ortom, who was visibly piqued with the security situation in the country, noted that despite the worsening state of insecurity, some agents of the Federal Government have changed the narrative of what was actually happening in Nigeria.

According to him, the narrative that has been sold to the international community is that the things that were happening were as a result of climate change, insisting that the international community has not been told that it was a jihad that was taking place in Nigeria.

 Governor Ortom, however, stated that he has availed the international community with facts and figures of killings by armed herdsmen in the country.

While he stated that agents of the Federal Government have told the international community lies in order to shield the atrocities that were going on, he lamented the lack of religious tolerance on the part of the herdsmen, whereas in Benue everyone was permitted to practice their faith, even though over 80 percent of the people of the state are Christians.

 The governor said he therefore advised the international community to appoint a Special Envoy on Nigeria who will give them an independent report of happenings in Nigeria and would not necessarily have to rely wholly on their ambassadors in the country.

 Source : Daily Independent

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