Saturday, 4 June 2022

VP Osinbajo's Ex Colleague Pens Down His Sterling Qualities


A former colleague of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo at the Lagos State Ministry of Justice has spoken so passionately about his person

Mrs Bisoye Majekodunmi 


Ever since Pastor Prof became our Attorney General at the Ministry of Justice, I got closer to the family. 

He did so much for our Ministry and the Judiciary! 

I was a Director then, spent 30 years in the Ministry and it seemed as if we had never had an Attorney General before him.

I make bold to say those after him could only aspire. 

He was result oriented. 

Only the best was good for him, in anything he asks to be done. 

What you see is what you get, he has no hidden agenda! 

All innovations he brought to our Ministry were copied by some other States, who sent People to understudy us at the Ministry! 

We all felt we had to put in our best because he was also concerned about our welfare. 

No discrimination between us all whatsoever. Muslims and Christians all felt at home, he was more concerned about your output. 

Not once did we witness his wife lording it over us either in the Minitry or any Event of the Ministry she was invited to. 

She always comported herself well, as an invited guest. 

When I had the Cancer challenge in 2013, he helped me get Government Funding to pay for the Surgery abroad. I was away for 7 months or so and he made no fuss whatsoever about it. Sister Dolly was also there for me , lifting me up in prayer. 

When I came back not feeling up to celebrate my 50th Birthday, it was this loving couple who asked to host some of my family and friends in their house!  

The last time I saw Pastor Prof. was when he left the Ministry of Justice, but I still chat once in a while with the wife, Sister Dolly.

Pastor Prof actually called to wish me a happy birthday on the 27th of May! 

I had first thought it was a prank when someone called and said I should hold on for the V.P.  

So I held on, and he did come on line, and wished me a happy birthday.

 I said that to say, that is how real and down to earth he is. ( It made my YEAR! I just kept on marveling at the gesture.)

Him and Sister Dolly also called to commiserate with me when my Son and senior Sister went to be with the Lord 2years ago,this year. 

Needless to say, I voted for Buhari because of Pastor Prof. He was the one I knew, having worked with him, I saw him and his wife were the same in the day time and night. 

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I am rooting for him, and have been since he made known his intention. 

Whatever he decides to do in life, this is a couple I would always lift up before the Lord, for having been a blessing not only to me I am sure, and to the Ministry of Justice. 

This is a deciding Weekend, I wish I could just sleep and wake up when the announcement is being made that PYO is the Flag  Bearer for APC. 

I have stocked up on food for the weekend so I won’t need to do any cooking except reading on line, here and there, no going out either! 

Sebi we all know God already knows who the next President is, so May His will be done in Jesus name. Amen.”

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