Sunday, 12 June 2022

On Barr Okey Ezea's Open Letter Of Falsehood And Envy To Gov Ugwuanyi By Kaosisochukwu Asogwa


It is quite unfortunate and disappointing, but not surprising that Bar. Okey Ezea embarked on peddling of outright lies and falsehoods in the name of an open letter to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. 

    We all know Bar. Okey Ezea for his belligerent, cantankerous, hot tempered and antagonistic behaviour that had impeded his political growth, relationship and breakthrough since coming to political limelight in 2006. 

     Governor Ugwuanyi we all know will not reply or respond to Okey Ezea's tales by moonlight, lies and needless tantrums. 

   Gov. Ugwuanyi will not do so, because it is not in his character to play to the gallery or engage in frivolities and  unneccessary distractions. Doing so will amount to condescension and demeaning of his exalted  office and person. 

   Ordinarily and personally, I wouldn't have responded to Okey Ezea's letter, knowing full that I am not Governor Ugwuanyi or his  media aide. But what prompted  my response or rejoinder   is because the content of Okey Ezea's letter is fallacious, malicious and envious. It is an outright falsehood and lie from pit of hell. 

   In the opening of his  letter, Ezea made reference to how and why Senator Ike  Ekweremadu, was stopped by somebody and quickly reverted to talk about Governor Ugwuanyi and his 2023 senatorial ambition. Well, I don't know when Ezea became Ekweremadu's media handler and sympathiser. Ekweremadu is not complaining again. I am sure he didn't complain to Okey Ezea as well. As an astute politician and loyal party man, Ekweremadu has since congratulated the PDP governorship candidate, Mr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah and pledged to work with him to move the state forward. What is Okey Ezea's problem with Ekweremadu's mature disposition and display of sportsmanship in the whole thing?

     Ezea is yet to congratulate his party's All Progressives Congress (APC)  governorship candidate Nwakaibeya Nnaji. When will Ezea do that and join his party in planning for election and leave Gov. Ugwuanyi and his party alone? 

   On Governor Ugwuanyi's senatorial ambition which has  already received big  boost with Ugwuanyi's emergence as the PDP candidate for Enugu North Senatorial zone, is Okey Ezea not aware  that majority of the people of Enugu North zone, including his kinsmen and PDP  members are in support of Ugwuanyi and are ready to vote him into Senate in 2023, whether Okey like it or not? 

     It would also be recalled that even before the senatorial primaries that produced Gov. Ugwuanyi as the PDP candidate, the Senator representing Enugu North zone, Senator Chuka Utazi withdrew voluntarily from seeking reelection and threw his weight behind Gov. Ugwuanyi's candidacy in the spirit of brotherhood and reciprocity. What is Okey Ezea's annoyance with this even when he is not a member of the PDP.

    It is only petty-minded and envious people like Okey Ezea, who also pretentiously and hypocritically suffer from selective amnesia that can deny not seeing or experiencing Governor Ugwuanyi government's presence and impact across the nooks and crannies of Enugu North Senatorial zone (Nsukka) in the last seven years of the administration. This is at a time Nsukka has become the envy and talk of the day of other Enugu people, because of Gov.Ugwuanyi's footprints in the zone. 

     I have one question for Okey Ezea which is:  Before Gov. Ugwuanyi became Governor in 2015, what has other prominent Nsukka people who held various appointive and elective positions at the federal level attracted or brought to Nsukka in terms of infrastructural development and human empowerment? 

   What has Okey Ezea as a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress and his party (APC) attracted to Nsukka from their government at centre since 2015 till date? 

    Instead of wasting time and childishly throwing jabs and tantrums at Governor Ugwuanyi on social media for personal reasonings, there is still time for Okey Ezea to get senatorial form and challenge Ugwuanyi at the senatorial election, at least to test his popularity against Ugwuanyi in Nsukka. 

This is especially now that  Okey Ezea has made himself spokesman of Nsukka people without election or appointment. 


Bar. Okey Ezea is a known perpetual contestant and failure of governorship elections in Enugu against all odds from 2007 to 2015. 

   In 2007 and against the rotation of governorship seat in Enugu state, Ezea contested against Sullivan Chime of the PDP on Labour Party platform and failed. This was after deploying mercenary thugs from Niger Delta region to rig the election for himself to no avail. 

    In 2011 and against the entrenched rotation of governorship seat in Enugu state, Okey Ezea contested governorship election on Progressives Peoples Alliance (PPA) platform against Sullivan Chime of the PDP and failed again. 

   In 2015, Okey Ezea contested governorship election as APC candidate against Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  and failed as usual. 

    I challenge Okey Ezea to publish on social  media his results (votes) in all the governorship elections he has contested and failed since 2007 till date,  despite characterizing elections with thuggery and electoral manipulations that never give him victory at last. 

   As against Okey Ezea's claim in his letter, in 2015, Okey Ezea lost his case against Governor Ugwuanyi in Federal High Court. He went to Appeal Court with nothing, other than to buy time. Can Okey Ezea publish his result in 2015 governorship election on social  media platforms for everyone to see? What was his position in the election that made him a challenger to Ugwuanyi's victory? It is easy for one to make spurious claims on social media without any verifiable evidence. 

     It would be recalled that Ezea went to court to challenge Ugwuanyi's victory in the election against repeated and passionate appeals by great Nsukka sons and daughters to him. 

This is even as Ezea knows he has no strong case against his brother Ugwuanyi, but just wanted to distract him and extract money from him. 

   Okey Ezea's biggest lie is his claim in his letter that he didn't collect money from Ugwuanyi after 2015 election to withdraw his worthless case in the court. 

    The truth of the matter is that Okey Ezea collected millions of Naira from Gov. Ugwuanyi through one of close friends, a medical doctor from Nsukka LGA, who works in one of the biggest private hospitals in Enugu. The doctor is alive today. He knows that his friend, Okey Ezea told lies in his open letter to Governor  Ugwuanyi. He will be laughing at Ezea for making mockery of himself and showing his desperation and frustration openly. 

   In  short, Senator Fide Okoro of blessed memory became very angry with Okey Ezea when he discovered that Ezea has collected money from Gov. Ugwuanyi to withdraw the case against his  advice and plea. Okoro's spirit will never be happy with Okey Ezea for peddling lies against him and Gov. Ugwuanyi. 

    It is on record that Okey Ezea has never won any election since coming into politics. He has never won his ward. He has never produced a councillor. He is synonymous with electoral malpractices especially thuggery whenever he is contesting election. 

    As it is today, Okey  Ezea has no electoral value, reputational and financial capacity to contest any elective position. Even his party APC and party members seemed to have abandoned and forgotten him completely. He is niether here nor there politically. It seems to be on political hibernation preparatory to extinction. 

   Ezea's transfer of aggression in the open letter of lies and anger to Governor Ugwuanyi is an aftermath of his failure and that of his cohorts to covertly hijack the PDP governorship primary from Gov Ugwuanyi and PDP members to impose their preferred candidate.

    Ezea's frustrations and that of his co conspirators are understandable, but there are better ways Okey Ezea can ventilate his predicament other than peddling lies and falsehoods on social media against his brother to score cheap popularity. 

   It is distributing and shocking to see someone like Okey Ezea, who has never won any election to be disparaging on social media political leaders who have contested and won several elections.

   Who made Okey Ezea judge unto Gov. Ugwuanyi? Okey Ezea has no moral authority or political pedigree to speak for Nsukka. How can a man who can not speak for himself or organize himself speak for Nsukka? What is Okey Ezea's scorecard in Itchi his town?

   The way forward for Okey Ezea is for him to emulate Nsukka political leaders that have seen it all and have always exercise maturity, caution and restraint in their political engagements and outbursts. The likes of Senator Chuka Utazi, Senator Ayogu Eze and others have been exemplary in this direction.

    Okey Ezea's unstable, confrontational and aggressive politics has remained his greatest barrier to political success and breakthrough.

   If Okey Ezea has personal issues with Gov. Ugwuanyi, it behoves on him to handle it maturely without resorting to social media blackmail that is too cheap and demeaning of his person and that of Ugwuanyi.

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