Monday, 27 June 2022



Hiding under the psuedo or pen name, B.C. Agada, acclaimed journalist, Ardent Advocate of good leadership and proponent of community development, the tiny Enugu  North Senatorial zone's emergence letter writers, cynics and serial losers of elections are at it again with their fabricated, distorted and malicious open letter to Enugu Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, that have become their hobby since the conclusion of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ). 

    This time, they tried to make their sponsored and vindictive letter look altruistic and factual, by using a pen name and claiming to be freelance journalist.There is nothing freelancing or journalistic about the acclaimed writer and fake  B.C Agada. 

   He is among the same post-PDP primaries aggrieved losers, who have been peddling falsehoods in several articles and open letters against and to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi since  the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ) primaries that didn't favour their interests. They are not spirits. They are known and within. They are good at rantings on social media platforms, having lacked the capacity to make any political impact or add electoral value. 

    Nobody takes them serious anymore. So they have only social media platforms to ventilate their anger and transferred aggressions against Ugwuanyi. 

  Meanwhile, it would be recalled that some of them who were overtly supportive of a particular PDP governorship aspirant from Isi Uzo LGA have shared top government positions among themselves even before the primaries, with every confidence and assurance that their preferred aspirant will emerge victorious in the PDP governorship primaries.

   Immediately their preferred PDP governorship aspirant lost to  Mr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, they became despondent,  devastated, rattled and heartbroken. Their prepared bread was not buttered again. That is why they have been unrelenting in their coordinated media attacks on Governor Ugwuanyi hiding under different pen names to cowardly carry out their agenda. 

   There is nothing truth or meaningful in the open letter to Governor Ugwuanyi they concocted and have been peddling against him on social media platforms. 

   One thing the writer of this useless and meaningless letter does not know is that Governor Ugwuanyi does not rely only on his aides to get information, feedback or gauge the pause of the people. 

  As a grassroots, accessible and down-to-earth leader, Ugwuanyi often interfaces with the people of the state. He knows them very well and they know him and are always in support of his administration. The prevailing atmosphere in the state is a pointer to the effect. 

     On the writer's claim that it is on the lips of every well meaning citizens of Enugu state that Ugwuanyi is the worst Governor the state had produced.

   What a bogus, nonsensical, false and unverifiable postulations and claims by someone, who wants to impose his jaundiced personal opinion on Enugu people, claiming that it is that of them. Is it not the same Enugu people that gave Governor Ugwuanyi 95.4 percent votes in 2019 to reelect him for second term in office? Ugwuanyi's reelection result in 2019 which was unprecedented in the history of governorship election in the state since  1999 was also a referendum on his performance in office. Is not the same Enugu PDP members that elected Peter Mbah in governorship primaries as their candidate and Ugwuanyi as their Senatorial candidate for Enugu North zone? 

    When did the writer, who claimed to be a journalist became an engineer overnight to the extent of speaking professionally about infrastructural projects and materials used in executing them by Ugwuanyi's administration.

   How many of Ugwuanyi's executed projects that are not in use in the state because of their poor standard as claimed by the hired writer? It is important for  the hatchet writer to be specific if he is sure of his claims. If not, he, his sponsors and co-travellers should bury their heads in shame and stop playing with people's sensibilities. 

   On the claim that Governor Ugwuanyi is leaving the state poorer and dirt than he met it, can B.C Agada show the  metrics or parameters he used in arrivng at the conclusion, apart from his personal opinion, anger and that of his sponsors? 



The above subhead of the fake B.C. Agada's open letter  is the main motive of his writing the malicious article. It is not about objective assessment of Ugwuanyi's sterling performance in office so far in the face of economic challenges and financial constraints.

    It is not about Ugwuanyi government's indelible footprints in Enugu  North Senatorial zone that are starting in the face of all including them. It is all about the outcome of the PDP primaries in Enugu  state, especially the governorship that didn't favour the interest of the writer and his cohorts from Enugu North Senatorial zone. 

    If not how can the writer claim that Ugwuanyi is forcing himself on the people of Nsukka after riding on their mandate for 20 unabridged years. 

   What an obvious expression of envy, witchunt and pettiness. Is the writer not aware that Ugwuanyi has never lost any election in the state since 2003 till date because of his soaring popularity and acceptance among the people of the state, especially the people of Enugu North his Senatorial zone? How can the writer claim that Ugwuanyi is forcing himself unto the people after 20 years, when Ugwuanyi has always won his ticket at  party's primaries and won main  elections since 2003 till date? How is Ugwuanyi forcing himself on the people of Nsukka when he has been validly nominated and elected as the PDP Senatorial candidate for Enugu North Senatorial zone in 2023 election? 

   The writer and his sponsors who are not obviously happy with Ugwuanyi for losing out in the PDP governorship primaries and others have the absolute right to join the race to challenge Ugwuanyi or support candidates of other parties against Ugwuanyi and PDP in the 2023 general elections. That is the beauty of the democracy. 

   They are not under any obligation, duress or compulsion to support or vote for Ugwuanyi and his party in the 2023 election. They are not the leaders or representatives of Enugu North Senatorial zone people. They can never be and cannot speak for them. They have only one vote likewise others. The people of the state will speak with their votes in 2023 at the polling units and not on social media. 

    So the fake writer, J.C Agada should spare himself the stress of running his hands on keyboard and mouth on social  media platforms and start preparing for the 2023 elections which PDP and Ugwuanyi will surely come out victorious to their anger and disappointment. Ugwuanyi and the PDP are too strong and popular in the state for the few sadists, rabblerousers and serial election losers to stop them anywhere in Enugu in 2023. 

  Who are these sadists and who made them judge unto Gov.Ugwuanyi to extent of advising him to withdraw from the senatorial election he was overwhelmingly elected as the PDP candidate for Enugu North zone? Are they saying that their selfish and pecuniary interests are more important than that of the people of Enugu North Senatorial zone? 

   What are their trackrecords and antecedents before venturing into politics and failing at the same time? Why the desperations, confrontations and sadism against a favoured political generalissimo like Ugwuanyi? 

    It is not in doubt that Ugwuanyi has before joining politics cut his teeth in Insurance Industry, where he proved his mettle with great exploits and requisite educational qualifications. 

   Since joining politics, Ugwuanyi has never been associated with thuggery or electoral malpractice. He stands for peace and has remained the most peaceful and grassroots politician in Enugu state today if not in Nigeria. Having followed Ugwuanyi's political trajectory, it is clear and convincing that he is a blessed and exceptional leader and politician that no human can stop. The earlier the fake writer and his sponsors accept it, the better for them. 

   At least, it will spare them hypertension and undue headache capable of creating serious health challenge for them, when Ugwuanyi and PDP win in 2023. Don't say I am sounding prophetic and too confident. I know what I am saying and at the end I will be vindicated. Men are not God and can never be. I rest my case here for now. Enjoy your day and reading.

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