Saturday, 25 June 2022

Ekweremadu Saga:New BVN Evidence Reveals Organ Doonor Is 21 years Old, Not 16


More facts have emerged about the ‘15-year-old child’ a former Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, allegedly took to the U.K for kidney transplantation.

Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice have been arraigned in the UK because the person who was supposed to donate his kidney to their daughter, Sonia, is said to be a minor.

The donor, David Ukpo Nwamini, was said to have told the British Police that he was 15-year-old, and not 21-year-old as revealed in his travel document.  

But a record of the proposed donor’s BVN which was registered in 2019, indicated he was born on October 12, 2000, meaning he will be 22 years old in the next four months.

The date of birth in the international passport also tallies with his BVN record, all indicating he is not the child that the British authorities are claiming, and upon which Ekweremadu and his wife have been arraigned.

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