Saturday, 18 June 2022

Breaking: Catholic Church Bars Members From Attending Rev Mbaka's Adoration Ministry


The Enugu Diocese of the Catholic Church has dropped the sledgehammer on the Adoration ministry of Father Ejike Mbaka.

It declared a freeze of activities of the ministry, by ordering all Catholic members not to attend his events.

This was an outcome of Mbaka’s unguarded utterances against former Anambra State governor, Peter Obi.

Mbaka’s vituperation and maligning of Obi last Wednesday was his second salvo and embarrassing castigation of the politician in the past three years.

The cleric in his tirades at Obi used words demeaning and slanderous to describe him and invalidate his aspiration as the presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 election.

Mbaka had blurted out that Obi is a stingy man and that he has cursed him and he would never be the president of Nigeria.

Personalizing the vituperation, Mbaka while preaching to his congregants said Obi is going nowhere because he is a stingy man and if he becomes president, his ministry would suffer lack.

On Friday, Mbaka announced that he had apologised to Obi and his supporters and withdrawn any curse he placed on him or his aspiration.

The apology was an afterthought arising from a letter written by the Enugu Diocese denouncing his spurious comments about Obi and urging that his actions would not escape consequences.

The Diocese in a follow up letter which was made public on June 17 and personally signed by the Lord Bishop, Callistus Onaga, the church placed ban on members from attending events by Mbaka.

The Bishop who weilded the wedge ordered that no Catholic faithful, clergy or the laity should attend Mbaka’s adoration ministry events until all processes involved in reviewing his case is concluded.

With the development, the Mbaka outlet that had flourished under the permission of the Church shuts down until further developments.

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