Wednesday, 11 May 2022

More Revelations On Some Of The Passengers Of Attacked Abuja Kaduna Train Still In Bandits Custody


More revelations have emerged on the identity and plight of some of the 62 passengers of the ambushed Abuja Kaduna train attacked by Gunmen few weeks ago 

This is the trending post on them 

Mr. Deji Oyewumi, the third man in the first picture is a former banker and an international businessman. He came from an overseas country to do business in Nigeria and during his stay, he had to go to Kaduna to see an eye doctor. 

That trip back to Abuja where he was transacting business was aborted when the train he was travelling in was attacked by gunmen on 28 March 2022, in Katari, Kaduna State.

While some of the passengers in the train lost their dear lives, about 63 people were abducted and out of those, only one elderly man has been released so far and that was after his family paid a huge ramson.

Mr. Deji is a very clean, tall man with good accent. All that is story now as he is suffering an unknown fate In the hands of his abductors.

He's not alone. 62 other people plus a new born baby are in the hands of these gunmen.

Daily, our people are being dragged to different bushes where their abductors beat, torture, rape or kill them.

As we go about our daily duties, please let us spare some minutes to pray for these people.

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