Thursday, 19 May 2022

I'll Make Nigeria Competitive With Dubai, Singapore Within 3 Years..Mohammed Hayatudeen


A Presidential Aspirant of the People's Democratic Party Mohammed Hayatudeen has promised to make Nigeria competitive with other economic world powers within three years of being elected the President of Nigeria 

He was speaking at a meeting the PDP delegates from Cross River State in Calabar 

Hayatudeen an astute banker of many years experience told his audience that he will bring to bear his years of experience in the banking sector to achieve this goal 

Hear him 

As somebody who was regarded as a company doctor, I have repaired a lot of damaged institutions successfully. To actually deal with this patient by first and foremost I’ll stop the bleeding by making sure the patient is stabilized and get on the operation table to be able to start working. The second thing which is the medium-term plan is to get that patient to start running. What I mean is I will do everything within my power to ensure I’m able to remove Nigerians out of the depth of poverty into a new era of economic prosperity by making sure that every Nigerian has access to a decent quality of life. So even security of Nigerians is so fundamental but it is not enough for Nigeria to start running but we need to go for gold by running an Olympic race. What I would like to do by my third year in office is to make Nigeria very competitive and make it one of the big power houses of the emerging market to be able to compete with other countries like Singapore, North Korea and Dubai. 

Dubai for goodness’ sake was running out of oil in the early 1980s completely. And the lord converted it to a heaven in the desert without any natural resources so this can be done. The second thing I’d like to do is social services. Everything to do with empowerment of the youth and the empowerment of women. So women can have their rightful place in this society. If there is gender equality it will open up opportunities for women that they are able to break the glass ceiling. 

On Education 

Socially what we would like to do is reform our broken education system because you know five to six hundred years ago people relied on their muscles people relied on their raw energy, to go to the farm and till today to make progress in this world you have to have knowledge. So, what we have in our heads and our minds is what we want just in the 21st century not we can physically do by dwelling and sweating even though that is important because we have computers and technology and that we have to bring to a knowledgeable society and the only way to achieve knowledge is to reform our schools especially tertiary education.


 I would also like to say to you that health now is a very important subject. If you do not agree with me, just go back to December 2020, with the advent of the corona virus pandemic which in America alone has taken out one million lives. One million lives is almost equivalent to about 17 stadiums of 40 thousand people. It’s a lot of people. Nobody needs to lose that number of people. Nigeria was ill prepared we were just fortunate. Even though our government has also tried, I must admit but the thing is Nigeria needs to become a scientific society and that we are able to manufacture our own drugs and do our own research and anticipate diseases before they become a problem.

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