Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Enugu Gov. Race And Lies From Pit Of Hell Against Governor Ugwuanyi By Chijioke Edeoga's Hatchet Men...By Kris Nwadi


 It is a public knowledge that before the Enugu Governorship Primary which Mr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah emerged as the party candidate in a transparent and peaceful exercise, supporters and hatchet writers of one of the aspirants, Bar. Chijioke Edeoga have been in habit of blackmailing other aspirants on social media platforms, instead of marketing their aspirant, Edeoga. 

  They consistently blackmailed, impugned and maligned Mr. Peter Mbah, Prof.Bart Nnaji, Evarestus Nnaji and other aspirants from Nkanu East LGA they felt were potential threats to Chijioke Edeoga's vaulting ambition on social and mainstream media. They fabricated all sort of lies against them to paint them in a badlight. They lacked decency and professionalism in their work. 

   They were desperate and enjoyed the full support and backing of their paymaster, Bar. Edeoga. They didn't even spare Chijioke Edeoga's relation and former Vice-Chancellor, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Prof. Hillary Edeoga for joining the governorship race. They rubbished and demonized him on social  media without bathing an eyelid. 

    It was not surprising that on the day of the PDP governorship primary, when it was dawned on them that their paymaster, Bar. Chijioke Edeoga would lose woefully in the primaries, they started peddling on social media platforms their fabricated falsehoods against Enugu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, claiming that he had a secret meeting with some Nsukka people at somewhere in Independence Layout Enugu, where they told him that they have raised billions of Naira to support Edeoga's ambition, which he opposed.

   Using  fictious name (Sir. Dr. Hippo Chikwado Onah KSJI) to peddle the article, they even lied that Ugwuanyi gave each delegate N400,000 to vote for Mbah and that Ugwuanyi refused to pick Dr. Maduka Onyishi's calls after the meeting.

    The write-up is not only lies from the pit of hell, it is a figment of imaginations and fairy tales by Bar. Edeoga and his political neophytes. It would be recalled that, that has been their stock- in- trade since Edeoga jumped into the governorship race unprepared, desperate and confused. 

    The timing of the fallacious and malicious article against Governor Ugwuanyi and its contents leaves no one in doubt of those behind it and their motives. Bar. Edeoga's hatchet writer are known. They include Dr. Rubuen Onyishi, Ifeanyi Ogenyi and others. 

   They are all over social media platforms before now blackmailing people with impunity, forgetting that elections are not won on social media platforms. They are very myopic, violent, vicious, divisive, petty and vindictive like Bar. Chijioke Edeoga himself. 

   With what Bar. Edeoga and his social media followers fabricated and peddled against Governor Ugwuanyi on the day of the PDP governorship primary, in a desperate bid for power, one can see why Bar. Edeoga should not be given power or supported to become Governor. Character like Edeoga does need to near power, because he will be highly abusive, dictatorial and harsh. 

    Edeoga will only use power to fight percieved enemies and settle scores as he has done with the little power conferred on him by his position as Commissioner before now.

   That is not what the peaceful Enugu state and its residents need now. Enugu cannot be taken  back to Egypt again by Edeoga and his band of irredentists. Governor  Ugwuanyi, Enugu PDP leadership and the party delegates have made their choice in the person of Mr. Peter Mbah. There is little or nothing Edeoga and his social media fabricators of falsehoods can do or change.

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