Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Enugu 2023: Ekweremadu, Why Only You? By Chris Nwadiana


  Senator Ike Ekweremadu, you are one of the  luckiest and opportunistic politicians in Southeast region if not the entire country.

    At a very relative young age without a defined means of livelihood, you were elevated and favoured politically. Your meteoric rise to political stardom was made possible by people you later betrayed in desperate quest for power, you have enjoyed for almost two decades without satisfaction or bordering about so many younger ones you have deprived of serving by glueing on various political positions. 

   Ekweremadu, why is it that it is only you that bought PDP governorship form in the whole of Enugu West and Enugu North Senatorial zones? Why? When you know and was part of those that established  and espoused the rotation of governorship position in the state among the three senatorial zones. 

   Ekweremadu, why is that only you is desperate to alter the rotation of governorship position in the state that has entrenched  fairness, unity and peace in the state. 

    Ekweremadu, why do you think that you are the most competent person in the whole of Enugu North and Enugu East Senatorial zones? What parameters did  you and your social media urchins use  to arrive at the conclusion of your extra ordinary competence? 

   It is known that it is your constitutional right to contest election because you are qualified. Where lies your conscience and morality, having refused to abide by the rotation of governorship position that favours Enugu East Senatorial zone to produce governor in 2023? 

   Ekweremadu,  why only you? Are you saying that you don't know that even  if the PDP governorship ticket is given to you on a platter of gold, you will not win the election because your candidature is against the conventional rotation of governorship position in Enugu State. 

   Ekweremadu, why is that you are the only PDP leader in Enugu state that is against the conventional rotation of governorship position now, after you have supported it in the past?  

     Ekweremadu,  what has changed now that made you to be against this established rotation  in the state ahead of 2023 general elections? 

   If it is your vaulting governorship ambition, don't you see that it has met the brickwall because it is tantamount to sailing against the tide.

    Ekweremadu, are you blind or has your inordinate ambition blinded you and beclouded your sense of reasoning and judgment? 

    Ekweremadu, why is it that you are the only PDP leader and governorship aspirant in Enugu state that is complaining about the smooth and peaceful PDP three-man delegate Congress that was recently conducted? 

  Ekweremadu, why is it that  only you is  against the rest of PDP members and leaders in Enugu state? How do you think you will win the battle? 

    Ekweremadu, have you forgotten that if one person cooks for his kinsmen, his kinsmen will eat. But if his kinsmen cook for him, he will not finish it. 

   Ekweremadu, have you not seen that your kinsmen in Enugu PDP have cooked for you and there is no way you can finish the food? 

  Ekweremadu, why is it  that it is only you among the array of the governorship aspirants and the PDP leaders that is trying to disrupt the peace in  Enugu State for political selfishness? 

    Ekweremadu, why do you think that even if it is the turn of Enugu West Senatorial zone to produce Governor in 2023, you will emerge the PDP candidate and win the election? 

      Ekweremadu, why? Why only you everywhere in desperate pursuit of political power? Have you forgotten that power is transient? Don't you think it is time for you to take a bow and support others to grow? 

   Ekweremadu, why haven't you seen or realised that your impending defeat in the forthcoming PDP governorship primary in Enugu will rubbish and diminish your lofty political attainments of many years.  

   Ekweremadu, rest, zukwa nike. Mind you, you were never born into political office and are not expected to die or hang on  in political office.

     A good actor  knows when to leave the stage. It is time for you to draw the curtain. You have overstayed your welcome on the stage. Don't wait to be forcefully and shamefully moved out of the stage.

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