Sunday, 29 May 2022

Enugu 2023: Between Mbah's Victory And Ugwuanyi's Fatherly Disposition By Charles Ogboo


Since the transparent and smooth conduct of the Enugu Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ) governorship primary where Mr. Peter Mbah emerged the winner after eight of out of the 17 aspirants stepped down for him, before voting commenced, there have been expected mixed reactions, misleading articles and falsehoods being shared or circulated to discredit the exercise by supporters of a particular aspirant, who felt in his own imagination and fantasy,  he should have won the election or be supported or voted for, simply because of his percieved cultural ties with Enugu State Governor, Ifeanyi  Ugwuanyi and the people of Enugu North Senatorial zone, without doing the needful politically. 

   The needful here means doing the right thing politically which include getting the support and backing of the party leadership, party bigwigs and members who are influential factors in the party primaries ahead of the exercise. The outcome of political party primary globally is often influenced or determined by party caucus and leadership, not all and sundry. The outcome of Enugu PDP governorship primary which was overwhelmingly won by Peter Mbah is not different. 

   Meanwhile, it would be recalled that before the PDP governorship primaries in Enugu, while the likes of Mbah were busy working underground to gain the support of the party delegates and influential party leaders without fanfare, this particular governorship aspirant from Isi Uzo was busy gallivanting and chasing shadow with the mounting of billboards everywhere and engaging in serial social media blackmail of his co-aspirants and party leaders at will, thinking that Gov. Ugwuanyi and the party leaders will support him on the  ground of sentiment at the party's detriment in the poll.

   It is quite unfortunate and regrettable that the aspirant in question, despite his political experience and exposure hypocritically forgot that what usually inform or determine party's choice of candidate in a primary is victory in the election, not sentiment or emotion. 

    No serious party likes to field a candidate that cannot or will not win election. This is because political party cannot survive or operate optimally without winning elections and be in government. Besides, political party's decision or choice is supreme. Abiding by it is what is required of a loyal party member, knowing full well  that the main objective of political party is to win election at all times. Besides, political party is not a charity organisation.

     It is clear that the choice of Mbah as Ugwuanyi's successor is that of Gov. Ugwuanyi, the party leaders and members in the state for the mere fact that he towers above other aspirants and can win election for the party.   

   Those who are being prodded or sponsored to ridicule and cast aspersion at Gov.Ugwuanyi and other party leaders on social  media over the emergence of Peter Mbah at the primaries are nothing, but mischief makers, agents of destruction and peddlers of falsehoods. They are not invisible. They are known as well as their paymaster.

    That Mbah was not unnecessarily visible and noisy, before the primaries does not mean that he was not popular or worked diligently behind the scene to win the primaries. He worked so hard and everything fell in line for him before the primaries took place. 

Mbah is not a political neophyte or greenhorn as being erroneously painted by some social media serial blackmailers.

   Yes, just like Sullivan Chime and Gov. Ugwuanyi, Mbah is among the young and vibrant politicians,  Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani brought to political limelight in 1999 as Governor of Enugu State. Mbah, a lawyer served as Chief of Staff and Commissioner for Finance in Nnamani's government after which he went back to his private business where he has made his mark as an industrialist, renowned entrepreneur and employer of labour, before coming to contest for the governorship seat. 

  Mbah's trackrecord and pedigree is not in question or doubt. His private sector experience and achievements coupled with administrative cum political exposure as ex-Chief of Staff and ex- Commissioner for Finance placed him ahead of other aspirants in the election. 

    His sterling qualities, personal relationship, financial capacity and acceptability among the party hierarchy contributed immensely to his victory at the primaries.

    That Sullivan Chime and Nnamani had political differences that made the former ditched the latter at a time, doesn't mean that Ugwuanyi should toe the same path. That is bad precedent. Politics is about interest, loyalty and the people.

     Ugwuanyi was exemplary and exceptional in reconciling all the estranged political leaders in the state on assumption of office. He did it for the peace and unity of the state. The dividend has been enjoyed and still be enjoyed by the residents of the state.

    The Enugu PDP governorship primary has come and gone. Peter Mbah has emerged as the party candidate. What is required of loyal and genuine PDP members across the state is to support him and the party to move on. Anything on the contrary amounts to anti-party and sabotage which is not good for the growth and survival of the party and its members. Those who tried it in the past failed, regretted and returned to the party to seek for acceptance and forgiveness. 

    After all, most of the aspirants who lost in the governorship primaries had lived and survived on the party's government and goodwill. For any of them to kick or work against the party's choice of Mbah will be equal to biting the finger that fed them.

    Of note and interest is the fact majority of those crying more than the bereaved on social media platforms over the outcome of the primaries are not party members or stakeholders. They lacked deep knowledge of party politics and governance. They are being paid to do dirty job. 

    It is quite interesting to observe that Mbah has been magnanimous and humble in victory. He demonstrated this at the venue of the primaries and in his victory speech.   

   He, alongside Gov. Ugwuanyi and other party leaders have been reaching out to the aspirants that lost in the primaries, knowing full that PDP is one big and united family in Enugu state and that in every election, there must be winners and losers.        

    What should be of utmost concern to all PDP members in Enugu now is how to support the party to win election and retain power in 2023 in the state and possibly at the centre.

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