Friday, 6 May 2022

Cracked Bitumen On First Enugu Flyover Bridge Magnified ...Adanna Nkume


Mischief makers and those who will never see anything good in whatever this administration does, social media e-rats, overzealous supporters of some desperate politicians are at it again. 

  Just because of a crack on the bitumen used to tar the nearing completion first Enugu flyover bridge at T-Junction, which is not unusual in such construction, the jobless and compromised social media irritants are overtly  and ignorantly making mountain out of a molehill about it on social  media platforms to score cheap popularity for their desperate paymasters. 

    Common construction knowledge and understanding would have made anyone who is not an engineer to know that the cracked  bitumen was placed on thick slabs that were used to construct the bridge. In other words, there is no crack on the bridge as being peddled for the people to believe. 

   The cracked bitumen which may be as a result of laying factor is not an issue for serious concern. This is especially as the bridge is still undergoing finishing touches, before being put to use. 

    Besides such minor crack on the bitumen has no effect on the quality or safety of the yet-to-be used  bridge. 

  But because the social media peddlers  do not see anything good in Ugwuanyi's government, they will do everything possible to run the government down. This is what is playing out on the yet-to-be completed first Enugu flyover bridge.

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