Tuesday, 31 May 2022

CKN Xrays Chances Of Four Frontline APC Presidential Aspirants


My four picks for APC Presidential candidate in the order of priority 

1. Bola Ahmed Tinubu 

Tested with wide political fan base across Nigeria though never participated in any national election .He remains the man to beat.

He is well connected , an astute politician 

Has the financial war chest to match any aspirant 

He will give Atiku a run for his money 

2. Yemi Osinbajo 

Two term Vice President. If backed by his boss may spring a surprise. Widely accepted across the country with requisite political experience 

But may not be fully supported by his people of South West who may see him as a spoiler 

3. Rotimi Amaechi 

His loyalty to the President and the North may count for him . Most of his projects as a Minister has been pro North. It may also be a pay back time for all he did to support PMB with Rivers money in 2015

4. Ahmad Lawan 

May be the dark horse if the North wants to retain power by all means 

As Senate President he has gathered enough respect and trust especially amongst his colleagues 

But he may be the " Tambuwal " of the race , may switch support to Jagaban at the last minute who helped him to emerge as Senate President 

Others have outside chance of clinching the ticket but anything can happen in politics 

So it is not over until it is over

Chris Kehinde Nwandu is Editor in Chief of CKN News 

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