Thursday, 7 April 2022

Nollywood Actress Nkechi Blessing Confesses I’m Lesbian

Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has admitted she is a lesbian.

While announcing the news of their breakup, her husband, Opeyemi Falegan, referred to Nkechi as a lesbian, noting he couldn’t be a husband to one.

“Where did you guys see husband? Whose husband? I can’t be husband to a lesbian,” he said.

Reacting, Nkechi went on Instagram live video where she confirmed really being a lesbian.

“I am coming out with my full chest. I am a lesbian. What now happened? Shouldn’t that show you that you are not s3xually competent? she said.

“I am a lesbian, so should life now stop? Should life end as a result of that?

“You say I am a lesbian, yes with my full chest, I am a freaking lesbian if that’s what you want to hear,” she stated.

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