Monday, 18 April 2022

Mother Accuses Chrisland School Of Cover Up Over Alleged Rape Of Her 10 Year Daughter ( video)

 A lady has alleged the raping of her 10-year-old daughter , a pupil of Chrisland School VGC Lekki

The culprits were said to have filmed the act and uploaded the video on social media platform, Instagram. 

According to popular music executive, Ubi Franklin, who revealed that the victim was his friend's 10-year-old daughter. He said the incident occured when the girl was selected to represent Chrisland School in a competition in Dubai. 

According to various sources, reports stated that the school authorities suspended the young lady because she participated in a "Truth and Dare" game after the lights out, which prompted the rape.

They also conducted a pregnancy test for her without making the girl's parents aware of the incident. 

The mother went on to narrate on a viral video how the incident was shielded from her by the school authorities for a long time 


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