Sunday, 6 February 2022

Group Debunks Osinbajo's Link With Alleged Murderer Rahman Adedoyin

 One of the campaign group of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has denied the report circulating on social media linking him with Chief Raman Adedoyin who is being tried for the alleged murder of an OAU undergraduate at his hotel in Ile Ife 

This is their disclaimer 


There is a photo making the rounds on the social media showing our honourable VP in a handshake with Chief Abdulraman Adedoyin, who is currently undergoing prosecution related to the death of a lodger at his hotel.

First of all, this photo was taken a few years back, prior to the much publicised affair that Chief Adedoyin is being accused of. The VP has taken photos with thousands of Nigerians, and this circulated photo is just one of them. 

The VP will never interfere in any court case, his antecedents speak for him, in all his years of service as AG in Lagos, he never at any time interfered in any civil or criminal case. He is a Professor of Evidence, so the insinuation that because a photo exists that showed a handshake between the VP and a Nigerian citizen, in this case, chief Adedoyin, that Chief Adedoyin has friends in high places who will interfere with an ongoing procedure to let him walk away is totally baseless.

While this sort of behaviour may exist in the society, i make bold to say that our respectable VP stands out as an incorruptible man of intergrity who has never and will never interfere in any court case

PYO and Chief Adedoyin are not friends as these political jobbers wants you to believe, and I implore you not to fall for their machinations, which is apprently targeted at 2023 elections. Any bonafide Nigerian can take a photo with our VP, if you happen to be within his vicinity, he will never deny your request, but that does not make you his friend, friendship is deeper.

Source : Yemi Osinbajo Campaign 

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