Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Actress, Caroline Danjuma, Timaya’s Ex, Tamara Trade Words On Social Media


Actress, Caroline Danjuma and Tamara Sinclair, the ex of singer, Timaya exchanged words on social media over reported friendship with the singer.

The first salvo was fired by Danjuma on Sunday, as she accused Tamara of being behind a story on a blog alleging that she was  sleeping with Timaya.

She said, “You bloggers need a lot of schooling, like two opposite sex adults can't be ordinary friends again? Something must happen? I ain’t ashamed of whom I have been with and who I will be with. Don’t cook up stories for clout…Timaya is my friend…Tamar, I see your hand work…you will be fine.”

In a post on her page on Monday, Tamara fired back saying, “If I’m with Timaya and I’m worried about him being with other woman/women, up to a low point of contacting bloggers, trust me sist (sic), you can never make that list. I don’t know what story he told you but if I was still with Timaya, you can never be “friends” with him.”

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