Sunday, 23 January 2022

My Husband Never Fell Ill For 45 Years..Wife Of Late Chief Of Naval Staff Laments

Wife of the late former chief of naval staff, Vice Admiral Ishaya Iko Ibrahim, Mrs Grace Ibrahim, said her late husband never fell ill in their 45 years of marriage before he died recently.

She said before his death, her husband in his last moments exercised, trying to prove that he was healthy.

She said her late husband was a God loving man whom she believes is already with the Lord.

Mrs Ibrahim, who spoke at the wake keep for her husband, said, “We are here to celebrate my husband of 45 years. We didn’t know, neither did my husband know, because the sickness that took him to hospital was the sickness that everyone had around this period.

“You will hear, I’m sick, I’m in hospital. So when he started, we thought he would come out of it. My husband had never fallen ill. I had never seen him lying on a hospital bed. Sometimes even if he was not feeling well, I would ask him what’s wrong with him and he would say he was fine.

“In fact, even that day, he was trying to do some exercises to show me that there was nothing wrong with him when I insisted that we must go to the hospital but a relative came and I complained so everybody begged, and he agreed to go to hospital.

“As we went, it was just like a joke but before we knew it, he was on admission, before we knew what was happening everything ended just like that,” she said.

She, however, glorified God for his life and achievements.

“But in all we give God the glory because like I said, we are celebrating his life and achievements. We as a family we’ll miss him, we are going to terribly miss him and we know other people too will miss him like we do but our consolation is that we know and I’m very sure that my husband is with the Lord because he loved God,” she said

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