Sunday, 30 January 2022

Man Offers N1m Reward On Information On Two Maiguards That Stole His $15,000

 A man has accused his security men of stealing $15,000 from his home 

This was Fejiro Oliver post on Facebook over the incident 

"These two boys who are gate men in an apartment in Lekki broke into the apartment I stay in Lekki, tore my travel bag and made away with my $15,000 (N8.5M) around 11:30pm last night. 

The apartment manager who came around went me alongside policemen to other apartments where the thieves colleagues are security men only to discover that the five of them have suddenly all disappeared that night.

The five Benue boys have switched off their phones. The one on the left is Stephen Oche. Their guarantor, Abraham also bolted away last night, apparently after being told by Isreal of his new found fortune.

Anyone who can help me get them have a reward of N1 million."

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