Saturday, 4 December 2021

Nigerian Lady Allegedly Killed In Ghana During Business Trip

 Ezinne Kalu Posted on Facebook 

Ifeoma ruphina omile travel to Ghana to supply GBC product to one Mr sunny living in Ghana...

When ifeoma is about to die she was shouting friends egbukwaamooo...

Sunny pls tell the whole world what happened to ifeoma who is in your custody in Ghana ...

Because when ifeoma was traveling to Ghana she said she is going to Ghana to supply goods.

Worth of 1.5m naira.

Now the whole goods is in sunny custody , both extra biz worth 17m naira..

Sunny remember this is social media and ifeoma is telling her close friends her way about .

Rip ifeoma omeile nnem ochie from Nimo Anambra state 


RADIO Without Battery 

This  same foodstuffs kinda supply again and same Ghana again....

If you are a vendor and you are the one that runs your deliveries, be careful. 

But how person go move all the way from naija to Ghana to deliver something to a total stranger? 

What happened to Courier Services? 

Rest in peace 🙏

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