Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Breaking :Woman Caught With Two Stolen New Born Babies Wrapped Inside Bags ( Video)

 An unidentified lady has been nabbed with two new born babies 

CKN News learnt that the babies were few days old .

The lady who sounded incoherent was caught with the two babies wrapped in polythene bags 

It was gathered that the incident happened somewhere in the South East at the weekend 

Some suspicious passengers who noticed the movement of the lady accosted her when she boarded a public transport and forced her to open the bag and alas two little babies were found in the bags

When asked what she wanted to do with the kids , she confirmed the babies were being taken to an unknown sister ,whose name and location she could not disclose.

She was later handed over to Policemen for further interrogation and investigation 

Luckily the two babies were still alive as at the the time CKN News was filing this report 


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