Thursday, 14 October 2021

University Of Uyo Student Union " Madam Vice President " Rescinds Appointment Of 18 " Aides "


The Vice President of University of Uyo Students Union Blessing Jaja who recently appointed over " 18 aides " has rescinded the decision after an outcry on social media 

She apologised to the University for the misconception the information generated 

This was her statement 


Upon my swearing-in on the 4th of October 2021, I had proceeded to publish a list of teammates comprising eighteen of my friends who in the said list were labelled as my aides in various concerns. This was purely a product of my zeal to appreciate these innovative persons for supporting me through the electioneering period and expose them to micro governance with no monetary benefits attached to it; and also seek their voluntary partnership in the fulfilment of my very modest objectives and vision as the Vice-President of the Students' Union of the University of Uyo.

The said publication has however been roundly criticised and excoriated, and I have been made to see reasons such publication was not in the best interest of the Students' Union and the University as a whole.

Consequently, I rescind the Appointment list; I hereby yield to superior counsel and apologise, first to the Management of the University of Uyo, the Students' Union, my teammates, fellow students and all other persons who may have seen the publication in the negative light.

I do however hope to work with all my friends and other partners who will be available to support my course throughout my tenure in office as I have always believed that no leader succeeds as an island.

To those who found fault in my action, I love you, and to those who stood by me, I love you more. Both sets of persons have exposed me to the fact that as a leader, I have my primary Constituency as my watchdog.

Best regards!

Blessing Jaja,

Vice President,

Students' Union, 

University of Uyo, Uyo.


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