Nigerian Driver Returns N900k Missing Money To Passenger

A Nigerian Uber driver has made a honorable move by returning over N900,000 a female passenger forgot in his vehicle to her.

The driver identified as Wahab Olaatanda, took to his Instagram page to reveal how he returned the sum of $2,500 approximately N902,500 to a female passenger who left the money in his car.

Olaatanda said the woman was so emotional when he gave her the money, adding that she told him the cash was meant for her mortgage.

He also revealed that he was compensated with the sum of $100, which is about, N36,100.

His words, “Okay something has happened again right here,make I do uber hustle get some change oo, dis lady forgot dis envelope in my car, in it is $2460, she called some minutes after,I’m so glad I returned it and she’s so happy, she almost cried.

“She said it’s meant for her mortgage,she gave $100 which I’m more contended with Dan d $2460. Oya now. I’m feeling so good right now. #oshamor….””
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