Bride To Be Caught Cheating Two Weeks To Wedding

There is a viral report about a bride-to-be who has been caught cheating less than two weeks to her wedding.

This report has gathered mixed reactions on social media with many people expressing anger against the act.

A Twitter user identified as Queen Idoko with handle, @quinsmilez, gave account of the scandal on her page. She said in an instant her friend was left unguarded, she fell into the charms of another man.

She wrote: “My girlfriend has just been caught cheating on her boyfriend of two years, 13 days to their wedding.

“I am going nuts right now. Somebody tell me, Why do people cheat on true love?

“Her reason being that she was left unguarded.

“Is this a bona-fide excuse?”

In another Tweet, Idoko said that she is not taking sides with her friend but she believed her fiance caused the scandal.

“I am not siding with my friend, but I blame the guy. He sent her to pick up something from the best-looking dude I’ve ever seen. I guess she was compromised. Never leave your woman unguarded.”

Her post has, however, generated mixed reactions online with many faulting her second post.
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