Sunday, 24 June 2018

Dangerous Car Snatching Gang Along Lagos Seme Border Using Okada As A Disguise Smashed In Lagos

In follow to Several Complaints of Car Snatching within Lagos and Ogun boarders shared with Benin Republic and Subsequent Directives from IGP Ibrahim Idris,  Special IRT teams were deployed to the boarder to Bring the Armed robbers to Justice. After 2 weeks of Unrelenting follow up, On 22/6/18, Five (5) of the Notorious Car robbers operating on Bike in Absolute Disguise were Arrested by IRT operatives at the boarder.

Suspects Arrested are

1) Femi Adegbile  29yrs From Ologuneru LGA Oyo state
2) John Ajayi 41yrs Native of Benin republic
3) Ajayi Kamoru 47yrs Native of Benin republic
4) Emil Goduo 34yrs Native of Benin Republi,
5) Saheed Shosanya 27yrs Native of Odeda LGA Ogun State.

A blue Motorcycle with their  Operational Ak47 Rifle hidden under the Sit was recovered together with the Ak47 Rifle and 2 Magazines fully loaded with 60 rounds of live Ammunition.

Suspects confessed to Multiple Car Snatchings and Many Armed Robberies along the Nigeria/Benin Boarder while disguising as Normal Okada Riders.
Serious efforts to arrest remaining Gangmembers in Progress.

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