Sunday, 24 June 2018

17 Year Old Entrepreneur Shot Dead In Plateau State

Aminu Umar is 17 years old. He stays at Sarkin Mangu street. He is a carpenter by profession. According to his elder brother, he has two bikes ( the small, new model bikes that youths rent this days). He rented the bike out to a guy, unfortunately, the friend refused to pay him.

Aminu on hearing that the guy was at Garden Palace hotel decided to rush there to collect his money, that became his albatross. The owner of the hotel had reportedly called soldiers earlier that some youths were smoking Indian hemp at the hotel, the soldiers on getting there allegedly opened fire according to Aminu's brother and the bullet hit Aminu on the hand and the other one pierced his stomach showing his intestine. Aminu was rushed to the hospital but died few hours later. The case was reported at Katako police station and the owner of the hotel was arrested.

The soldiers however denied shooting, according to them, on getting to the hotel, they heard gun shots and left.

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