Friday, 11 May 2018

Senator Sani Writes Doctors, Says El-Rufai Needs Urgent Psychiatric Test

Senator Shehu Sani (APC-Kaduna Central) has written to doctors calling for the clinical examination of the mental state of Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State. In a letter dated 7th May, which was addressed to the Chief Medical Director of Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Kaduna, the lawmaker wondered how a governor, who is the Chief Security officer of the state could ask the people to go on riot for political reasons.

The letter was copied to the Nigeria Medical Association and the Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria. Shehu Sani wrote: "As a citizen and a serving Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I am concerned that such inciting expletives and profanity could be uttered by a public servant who is also the security officer of a state.

"The open call to violence, disorder and inflammatory predisposition of a man who occupies such an exalted office is. in my humble opinion symptomatic of a paranoid personality disorder.“It is in the safe interest of the state and the nation, that the mental state of the governor be clinically and professionally verified.”

The lawmaker further stated that the outcome of the result would assist him to move a motion in the Senate that public officers and their appointees should be undergoing psychiatric and drug related tests from time to time.

El-Rufai had in his speech at a commissioning ceremony in Kaduna last week rained curses on three Senators from the State for rejecting the World Bank loan of $350 million he applied.

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